It is late but I have a question regarding vomiting at night. Since yesterday, Fences has been throwing up her food at night, and ONLY at night. Last night she through up partially digested kibble around 3am and has acted completely normal today. She  ate this morning and has been running around and pooping like she normally does. I fed her and Tomahawk again tonight at 8pm and she has thrown up what looks to be barely digested food at around 1am. 

I try to make sure my pups don't eat anything they shouldn't for fear of causing a blockage but I just don't know what to think about this. I will be taking her to the vet if it continues in the next couple of days.

Should I be worried that it may be a partial blockage? It's just confusing me since she is eating and pooping just fine doing the day, but has been vomiting it at night.

It really sucks being woken up by your dog puking, and then having to clean it up. 

If anyone has any ideas about what may be going on, please let me know, especially if it sounds like something I should be rushing her to the vet!

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I sounds like what happened to Kaylee after boarding her for the first time. Definitely call your vet. They may suggest a 24hr fast until her stomach settles if it is nerves or just an upset tummy.

Hi Tomahawk and Fences,

Check your food for recall. How does the food smell, if it's anything out of the ordinary, return it to the store.

If it is a partial obstruction, the dog would vomit after every meal, loses weight, vomit and diarrhoea, causing significant dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. A vet will either do an endoscope, ultrasound or urine test to confirm.

In the mean time, withold food for the next 24 hrs, water only, no treats, Get well soon!

It might also be she is not getting enough water? I actually have had to add a bit of warm water when 2 of mine eat so they didn't do this. With Sage I did this for a few months...just another idea. It appeared to me that food and not enough water was the cause of mine.

I already put water in Fences food since she is a punk and won't eat it dry without having to hand feed her lol. I think they are getting enough water, they do drink a normal amount throughout the day, but I'll go ahead and add more water since I just put water in it to wet it and drain it back out. Hopefully it isn't anything too bad.

I did change their food though, same brand but different formula. They were on TOTW prairie but I thought that maybe the protein content was too high at 32% so I switched to to what I believe to be a new one from TOTW called Southwest Canyon. They have been on it for a week now with no other issues, but maybe Fences is more sensitive to it than Tom?  I just figured that if she was having sensitivity issues, I would see it in her poop, or have her vomit it out during the day as well.

I guess as long as she is still her old self during the day, maybe it is the food bothering her at night and my have to switch Fences back to the old formula they were on. 

Hi Tomahawk and Fences,


Did you slowly adjust the old food ratio with the new food over a period of 1 week?

I did it over a period of 5 days and neither of them seemed to have any issues besides slightly looser stool. Tuesday is when they both ate just the new formula and neither seemed to have any issues until Fences threw up that night. I also checked the recall list just to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with the food and didn't find any issues with TOTW since the last recall back in May for salmonella.

I have been thinking about it today, and I believe I have given her a little more food at night than during the day so maybe I have overfed her and she couldn't handle it. They have been a little hungrier at night these past two nights so I gave both Tom and Fences an extra half a handful each. Maybe the fact it is a new food plus giving her more than usual has caused the upset stomach.

If there is something with the food, would both my dogs show symptoms to it? Should I give her the normal amount tonight and see if she is able to keep it in and if not just change out the food for her? Also, instead of fasting, can I give her something bland instead to eat?

Hi Tomahawk and Fences,

I would still let her stomach rest for the next 24 hours, water only. Vomiting is not good on their teeth (acid), it cause them to lose more fluid and electrolyte imbalance. So please let her stomach rest for the day. After that, either start with a bland diet or reduce the amount of food back to usual, add a tbp of non flavoured yoghurt to replenish the healthy gut flora and   monitor their activity at night. 

No, if there's something wrong with the food, one dog may or may not show any symptoms to it, it all comes down to the individual's immune system and sensitivity.


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