Hey all,

A blog I follow, Jezebel.com, has a "March Madness" of Cats vs Dogs going on (for fun).


Corgis have made it to the Elite Eight, but need your help! They are currently losing to a small margin to Golden Retrievers.


To vote, go here: http://jezebel.com/#!5787286/cats-vs-dogs-ladies-and-gents-meet-you...


Polls close tomorrow (Friday) at 3pm, so get those votes in!

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LOL!  Who would have thought the Pound Puppy could defeat the Werewolf.

It was an upset, for sure! :-P


Corgis are gonna take this thing, though Hobbes might prove tough competition.

Corgis are currently winning 2,474 to 2,271. Yyyyaaayyyy! But please vote anyway. Corgi for the win!

I just came online to post about it too!!!

Everyone needs to tell your friends and then to tell their friends ;)

Go corgis!!



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