I feel really bad making this discussion for these threads are suppose to be for asking questions and informational things xP. Although, Napolean and I have entered a dog photo contest. If we are able to win we would be so happy since the win could possibly bring another furry member into our home! Recently we've had many threads talking about a possible new puppy entering our home, so this win could make it official! Thank you to everyone who considers voting and a BIG thanks to those who actually vote ^ ^!!

Link:  http://gapc-vote.com/?c=multi&p=723411

(Info): contest ends: July 31st

When voting there will be a lot of ads that pop up (ignore them all and press the blue "pass button" to get past all of them). In the end you will be notified that a confirmation email will be sent to confirm your vote. Due to many email servers blocking the confirmation email (don't know why it happens), to confirm your vote the email will be found in your "spam" box or anything related. For some reason the website also sends several confirmation emails so please go through all of them (many have gone through one and the vote still did not record :( ). You may vote once a day (so please if you have absolutely nothing to do, we'd appreciate if you voted to take up some extra time >.<) ,but you can't vote more then once from the same IP address (or internet connection).

We hope some of you are willing to vote for Napolean, but if not, we appreciate that you would read this. Anyone and everyone is free to spread the word! You may post this on facebook, twitter, etc. Thanks so much in advance!!

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Best of luck! Corgis should win all photo contests by default, though. I mean, really.

Haha, I second that!

Dino has voted...can he vote more than once ¿

Thanks for voting! Yes, you may vote every day but not more than once each day :) Feel free to spread the word so others can vote too!

I voted too!  I am always happy to vote for a corgi!!!!

Thanks so much!

I am always ready to help a corgi win, but what are you winning? What is the contest about? when I clicked on the link above I get a redirect notice then a page asking for name and email, but it is not clear that I am voting for Napolean. Is it something about me that I can never get computer stuff to work right? the computer guy at work says its my magnetic personality.

I'm winning a cash prize. Sorry about that. I noticed the link that I copy and pasted go messed up or something. I fixed the link now. When you click you should see a picture of Napolean up on the table, if not don't vote. It's not him. I don't know what keeps happening to the link. Thanks for the heads up though!


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