I was wondering at what point I can increase the distance of Pepper's walks. I walk her around the block twice a day but I'd like to start going farther. She is 5 months old. I'd like to work her up to 3 miles. How should I go about doing this?


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At five months she can probably comfortably do about a mile or so at a stretch, once or twice a day.  I would probably increase her by about a block or two blocks a week; if you are going around the block she's already doing about a third of a mile or so.  

What age would you think she can do 3 miles? That is my goal.

I think there are different opinions.  On mostly pavement and hard walkways, I'd wait til she was a year or so to go that far and her growth plates are mostly closed.  If she's in the woods or otherwise on soft ground, I'd let her be your guide on how far she wants to go.

Watch her pads, as someone mentioned:  if they get sore, it can be hard to get them healed.  That's one of the reasons I suggest increasing distance gradually.

Just be aware that when you do increase her walks there will be more wear and tear on her paws. 

Are you saying not to increase the walk? Or is there something I can do to help her. Thanks!


I would say this. Instead of setting a goal of 3 miles, the safest route would be to see how far your corgi can go before she tires out. Then you can gauge how far you can push her. My family had 2 corgis. One could go for 4 or 5 miles while the other pooped out at 2 miles. Its up to you as an owner what you feel is right for your dog :)

Now if you notice that your corgi's paws are getting raw or start to limp because of paw rawness use this 



Great! Thanks so much.

My guess is that, at 5 months, unless it's hot, she can probably outwalk you!  Take a week or two to  bring her up to your  desired goal, walk in shade or in the cooler part of the morning or evening. Temperature is more of a concern than distance this time of year.

My desired goal is 3 miles. Do you think that is too much for her?

I took an almost four month old pup on a five day 40 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail.  He kept up with us and the big dogs no problem.  We took breaks and were ready to turn back on our plans if he had shown signs of being tired, but it was never an issue.  Weather, however was cold, not hot. If she gets tired, she'll let you known by not wanting to walk.  If she does that allow her to rest and offer water.  Just start extending your walks and let her build up her muscles and resistance, it should not take long.  3 miles on leash  is not a lot for a young, healthy dog of any of the working or sporting breeds.  When I got my miniature dachshund at 6 months, I went on a walk of about a mile, thinking I'd have to carry her back, she never stopped pulling and she is only 6 inches to the top of her shoulders.... We have taken her to places like Bush Gardens, Disney Parks, San Francisco Zoo  ( as a Service Dog she is allowed anywhere )  and she does fine walking basically most of the day.  The more you do with your pup, the more your pup will be able to do. Of course you would never d any of this if the dog seemed unwilling.

Here you go:


Personally I would consider a three-mile walk on a leash to be "forced exercise" as mentioned in the article; my own well-conditioned adult dogs sometimes start to flag after about two miles if it's warm or humid or they got really excited or we forgot water.    Whereas scampering off-leash on their own in the woods is less strain as they can stop, roll, run, walk or whatever as they please.

Here's another good link:



3 months  = 15 minutes

4 months  = 20 minutes

5 months  = 25 minutes

6 months  = 30 minutes

7 months  = 35 minutes

8 months  = 40 minutes

9 months  = 45 minutes

10 months  = 50 minutes

11 months  = 55 minutes

1 yr  = 1 hr"

According to the website, my 9 months old should only be given 45 minutes/day? I honestly think it is not enough and worry about whether I've given her TOO MUCH exercise. If I am busy, she will have at least an hour leash walking a day. If not, I will take her to the trail nearby, so she could have 1.5 - 2 hours off-leash hiking with me.

When she reached 7 months old, I started to take her to the provincial park during the weekend for off-leash hiking, near the evening time (so the weather is cool and the water is provided all the way, like every 15mins). It is almost 9 km, 2 hours, at a time. She seems OK with it and keeps up all the way. Only the first and second time, she passed out in the car on the way back. But most of the time, her spirit is great after hiking but will sometimes sleeps in the next morning (that's what we hope for...)

Is it too much for her?


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