I am located in the Dallas Texas area and want to adopt a corgi. I have experience with corgis and have a corgi-friendly house / yard / environment. I've been searching the local rescues since August, but haven't found my little new companion just yet. I recently lost my little companion to liver cancer and a have a big old empty heart just waiting to give a little corgi a whole lot of love.

If anyone knows of someone in the North Texas area who is wanting to re-home their corgi, please let me know.




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PLease google the area Corgi clubs...they ALL have rescue committees and post pictures of dogs ready to rehome on their websites. Or try rescue and corgi and north texas  on your search engine and you'll be directed to the clubs.

Please see my original comments about already searching the local rescues.


Will they let you go on a list for wanting a rescue with the Corgi rescue groups? Sometimes this works out well:) Maybe your new one is out there but the timing isn't right yet. Strange I know but I'm the kind of person that thinks things happen for a reason and when the time is right you will find your new heartdog...as hard as it seems!

I've been in consistent contact with the rescues and have filled out all the forms. Barbara Blume w/ CorgisNCritters, who works with the North Texas Corgi Rescue, has completed a home visit, and apparently I've been vetted to their satisfaction as a good adoption candidate. But one dog that I was interested in, (and drove 120 miles to visit at the rescue's foster home) was extremely shy and didn't want to leave the foster mom's presence.

I'm looking for a relatively young corgi (up to 3 years) whose personality will mesh with mine and who is comfortable in a house with no other dogs, for the time being. After what I went through with Yewbee, I want a dog that has a lot of life left in them. And I also want one that I can bond with for a year or so and then I'll get consider another one as a little playmate - It was the worst emotional torture to come home to an empty house right after Yewbee died and I can't ever do that again.

Like you, I believe that things happen for a reason (Romans 8:28). It just seems, though, that the right dog in age, temperament & appearance are not available in the rescues - which is why I want to spread the word to individuals who, for some reason or other, don't want their little corgi anymore. I want people to know that I will give a little sweet corgi the best, most loving home that anyone can. If Yewbee were here, she would testify to that.


I do know what you're going through. I was going to "rescue" Zip an overweight corgi from a breeder and I was finalizing his fence and anything else to bring him home. He was promised me in Feb. 2 weeks before I was to go get him (in May) he died of a bowel obstruction...I spent hours and hours looking for corgis to be adopted. I had one place ask me to take a corgi since I had experience and then because I have some unspayed/(my breeding corgis) they said" no"even though all my rescues are fixed...hence I started looking in nearby states and I went to the state and  typed in animal shelters in IA (example) and I found my Tank in a shelter that takes dogs from humane societies. This list showed many more than the others I had found.   Good luck!!!!!

I'm so sorry to hear about little Zip, but glad to hear that you found little Tank.

I'm also open to adopting from other states. But if the temperament and personality isn't a match, the 120 miles I drove before will seem like a drive "just down the street".  I'm just praying that, like with little Yewbee, the Lord will open up a door and send me one from His own heart - a handful of His love wrapped up in fur with four legs.

And hopefully, someone will see this discussion who might know of someone who needs to find a home for their little sweety.


I've seen them all on Petfinder and one in person - Spanky is the type I'm looking for but already adopted. Conny was too shy with me in the pet store and wouldn't leave the foster mom's side. Paris & Buster Brown are 6 years going on 7 - older than what I'm looking for. Gabriel looks sweet but the fosters say that he's timid and would be better with another dog.


I'm not sure where this guy is in Texas but I just saw it posted today:


Thanks Jane - I just called Samantha and left my number. Hopefully, she'll call me back.

Received an email reply from Samantha - Louis was adopted yesterday.

That's how it's been going, but thanks for the lead !

Oh darn...he sounded wonderful!!!!!!


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