I am located in the Dallas Texas area and want to adopt a corgi. I have experience with corgis and have a corgi-friendly house / yard / environment. I've been searching the local rescues since August, but haven't found my little new companion just yet. I recently lost my little companion to liver cancer and a have a big old empty heart just waiting to give a little corgi a whole lot of love.

If anyone knows of someone in the North Texas area who is wanting to re-home their corgi, please let me know.




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Ya know, ...I wish I could adopt all the little hurting Corgis. I'd love them with all my heart and give them the best home they could ever have.

But my ole heart is just broken from little Yewbee going home -  and right now, I need a little sweety without a bunch of serious problems so that I can get my heart healed again. And there are probably a lot of other corgi mommas that would know how to work with a disabled little dog better than me - I just hope that little Caesar finds one of them.


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