Well Jasper's almost 11 wks and sleeps through the night pretty often, but sometimes he will wake me up in the middle of the night to go out, which is to be expected. I go to bed around 11:30 and take him out around 5 or 6 when he doesn't wake me in the middle of the night. On a handful of occassions though, it seems he didn't realize he had to go until the very last second, and as soon as I wake up to his whimperings I find a freshly wet crate. I read somewhere that to help your puppy sleep through the night, you should take up his water a little before bedtime to help him to not wet in his crate. Has anyone done this to help train their pups? I don't want him to wet his crate, but this seems sort of cruel to me. I'll cut off his food at a certain time, but I hate to deny him of water. I can't decide if this is truly a good training tool or if I need to cater to his potty breaks at this age. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Yes..it will help greatly. Its not real warm out and he is resting so he isn't needing the water. He will learn to take his drink and won't need any til morning. Its training his eating habit as well.
I have done this with my Maggie. In fact the vet told me to do this until she is 100% house trained which he said isn't really done until 9-12 months. If Maggie gets thirsty I will let her play around with an ice cube. It quenches her thirst without her drinking a bowl of water. She does not seem to miss the water at all. I take her water up at 8pm. She now sees it as her time to go to bed and she doesn't bother us until 6am.
It will absolutely help. Dax is over a year old now so I don't really monitor his water intake (unless it's not enough), but when he was a puppy I picked up his water at 8:00 every night. Of course, after that, I wouldn't take them for a long walk or have any intense play sessions with them because then they'll need water. You should pick it up when you feel he should start winding down for the night. Trust me, it'll help immensely.


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