Watson continues to grow and liven up our home! He is such a sweet, goofy pup at 7 months. He reminds me of Tigger in the Winnie the Pooh books, just bouncing around looking for fun. His training is going very well although he is still way too excited to see people that come over. Anyone in sandals is going to have their toes cleaned for free! He is such a non-aggressive pup that he gets along with everyone. His brother is still for salein Iowa. The breeder wanted him to go to a show home but at 7 months has decided to find a pet home for him. Meanwhile Watson's sister continues to do very well in the show ring. I never wanted to show, which is good since I imagine Watson covering the first judge he saw with big wet kisses!

If anyone wants  a Cardigan male puppy check out Foggy Bottom Cardigans in Iowa! I can vouch for the great personalities!

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Wish I had room for one more!

I had to laugh when I saw the other Corgi paws behind him...Izzy must be enjoying him too??? Glad all is going well. Sage has the foot licking down well too, I'm actually embarrassed when I take her to work and she's after bare feet!

Someday when most of my others are gone I would consider a Cardigan...Calvin(who Joanna now) has was such a goofy great boy too:)

He just has THAT look.  What's next that I can get into.  What a handsome fella for sure.  So glad the boys are doing good together.  Thankfully neither of mine have the foot fetish but Katie likes to lick your shirt...might be crumbs or something on it ya know.

Thanks everyone, I am afraid I failed miseraby at taping Watson's ears. He is apparently going to remain sporting the Flying Nun look unless after puberty he suddenly decides to lift the ears up. His ears are huge and he quickly made his priority getting the tape off. Yet another reason not to show him. It is fun having a dog with a tail again. He wags it most of the time. Izzy is enjoying how many people pet her while we try to get Watson to sit.

He is so handsome. I love getting Watson updates. Glad he has such a delightful personality.

Happy 7 month birthday Watson, you do have a twinkle in your eye.  Chepstow was 9 last week, how time flies.

awwww, look at that sweet face!!   I am just going to pretend I didn't hear you say he has a brother or sale right now...  :O ....too tempting!!!  although, right now we just cannot add another, as much as we would like to.   I am going to go take a peek at the website though. :)  Lance,  LOVED licking our companies feet!!! :)

Handsome boy!


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