Lately when we go out for walks, Chloe will sniff around, like normal but then she does this really weird thing. She'll find a spot that is particularly interesting to her, rub her face in the grass and then, before I know it, she's on her back rolling around in that spot. She'll do this until all of the scent is gone and then move on to another interesting smelling spot and then the ritual starts all over again. Does anyone else's corgi do this? What the heck is going on here?

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Yup! I am so glad I joined this site...I thought Seanna was just weird! Now I'm finding out her little quirks are a Corgi trait! Sometimes when she's tired of walking, she'll pretend to be rolling in a smelly spot just so she gets to take a break....:-)
Yes, Lance will roll around in something stinky he finds as well in the backyard, like a dead worm, ewww. It is pretty common, I think it has something with the dogs trying to cover up their scent. Luckily, Lance only really tried this in our backyard and caught him as he was doing so and I discourage it, cause I dont want a stinky corgi, lol.
Oh dogs do this all the time sometimes it's a smell other times I think it's just to scratch their back as Wynn does this on the rough mat in front of the door also!
LO does this with toad poo and dead worms.
I think all dogs do it....I read once that the dog is trying to cover their own scent with the smelly scent--it is for hunting purposes, whatever they are stalking or hunting won't smell them coming....or at least they think so!!!
Yep, both of mine do that all the time if I let them. Jack sometimes does it when I don't let him. LOL Maddie likes to finish off with a little hop-spin-run Ninja move when she's done.
Yup Ashley it's normal. Be happy you dont live in the woods in Ohio... all kinds of critter poop, smells, and dead things to want to roll on/in :( Oh it is amazing sometimes what they will want to get into !!!!!
All dogs like to roll in things, about it really. Loki has given it up as I never let him.
Yup the kids do it too! Roxi will rub her face on the carpet after eating to get her face clean as well.... Makes me worry about the cleanliness of the carpet itself... ew..
LOL Chesney does this all the time! I think it's adorable!!
Since she is a corgi nothing is out of order, maybe trying to get in a little "down time". It is a dog thing about rolling in stuff. I've had all breeds and everyone has done it. It is a hunting thing, but Corgi's are Herding not sure why need to cover their smell. Had a Basset who went out of his way to roll in Horse Poo. Which in turn ment a bath. no sure if they want a bath or just fun to do it. I vote for fun.
We had a Standard Poodle that especially loved to do this after we had spent $75 on his grooming! The corgis love to do it on really smelly stuff.


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