My grandparents have a neighbor that has always taken poor care of their dog and on multiple occassions they called the police on these people and they are only now doing something about it. I just got a message from my aunt saying that they were told they have to get rid of the dog or it is being sent to a shelter (The shelter in my town doesn't let you "drop off animals" they make you pay and these people cant pay for it) My grandparents have went over and fed this dog everyday for the past 2 years even though it isn't theirs but they can't take it in themselves and neither can my Aunt and Uncle. My fiance thought about it but this dog has been outside it's whole life and we live in an apartment duplex (They said it's approximately 4 years old) It is not a corgi so if this is not allowed feel free to delete it, but this is the only place I could think of to post it.


Here's the message and picture that was attached.


Dear Friends,

Please take a minute to look at these pictures... they are pictures of a dog named Snoop who is in desperate need of your help! He currently belongs to my parent's neighbor, who doesn't care for him like they should (terrible house, little food and money, etc..) They have been told to find him a new home or he was going to be taken to a shelter. I DON'T WANT TO SEE HIM SENT TO A KILL SHELTER. This is the dog that S.

, my parents, and myself have been feeding and taking care of for over 2 years now. We would love to take him in, however we cannot have him at our house in town, and my parents are not able to take him in either. So I was wondering if any of you, or anyone you know, would love to adopt this friendly dog? He is about 4 years old, looks to be like an English Shepard, and has a great demeanor! He has lived outside all of his life, so he would most likely do better as an outside dog. He needs room to run around and loves walks! Snoop needs some TLC... unfortunately the people who currently have him don't groom him properly, but with a bath and some other fine tuning, he would be a beautiful dog! Please help us out if you can. As I said earlier, we have been helping to take care of him since his owners are not able to. I truly believe he would make someone a great companion and he would love you for the rest of his life! We are not sure exactly when he needs to find a home by, but we know that it is relevant, and of course, the sooner, the better!

Thanks for reading this and please, if you are not able to help but know of someone who can, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!


 E-mail me at if you are interested!


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Hi Krystal, try here. Good Luck!
What a sweet dog. Good luck and God bless!
Oh...he is sooo handsome! I hope the link Sam gave you helps!!!! Please keep us updated...someone will want the beautiful boy!!!
Thanks guys! I sent the link from Sam to my aunt on facebook and I posted it on my facebook as well. Hopefully someone comes through, I think he's a gorgeous dog.
Update: He found a home with one of their students (they are both teachers) and he got a bath and got to run around a dog park for a couple hours over the weekend :)


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