I know all Corgis have a myriad of verbal, aduitory  and visual cues that trigger all kinds of amusing reactions. One of  best triggers  Gunny has is when I sit at the kitchen table paying bills . He sits by my feet watching intently.He listens carefully for when I tear a check from the check book. He will then run to the back door in anticipation of me  exiting to go to my car for a trip to the bank or to the postoffice. He seems to know that he will be taking a trip in the car to a place where he often gets a snack bone( to two or three) ! They even give me bones to bring home to him when I go to the bank without him.

When he hears aluminum foil or plastic wrap being torn he runs to his food dish. Why you ask?Because I have, in the past, picked up his food dish if he has left the food uneaten for very long ( wet food gets yucky if left out) and I covered it with one of those wraps before putting it in the frig. If I tear the wrap material and his food dish happens to be empty he will whine and run around the kitchen. Bonkers!

What are some of your Corgi's amusing triggers?

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Ollie knows people's names in our lives and their dog's names so that if I say, want to see Aunt Tasha? He's at the door under the leash... he knows park so well that I started spelling it out if I wasn't actually taking him right away but then he learned "p-a-r-k" is park as well. So now we're using "the place that dogs play" or that "rhymes with bark" and we'll see how long that lasts...


Ollie also knows that if I'm running in to pay for gas, and he's being lef tint he car for 1 min I'll put the windows down a bit for him so he starts whining as soon as the windows budge or the unlock button gets hit to not be left! 


He also likes to do the naughtiest things/bad behavior when I'm in the shower and can't see him... I know when he has b/c as soon as I turn off the water, he'll either put himself in "jail" (the closet) and be facing the corner, or dive under the bed with just the pads of his back feet sticking out. Good thing my knucklehead is otherwise so sweet and cute!

Cici goes bonkers if the timer for the stove, or microwave goes off. I can’t always hear it, so I appreciate the help from my little radar dog. She won’t stop until I go check on the food or shut the timer off.

: )

My boy is terrified of my daughter using the microwave. She has never lived here in his lifetime, but once when she was visiting, she put tin foil in the microwave and it arced. He has never forgotten that she is a dangerous microwaver. And hides his head in the nearest available armpit if she is pressing the buttons. He doesn't do this when anyone else uses the microwave, just her.

This is a riot!  I guess things I thought were unique to mine are really corgi things.  Our Arnie, rest his fuzzy butt, was one to go nuts for sneezes.  These 2 tear ass into the kitchen if they hear me open the fridge door...CARROTS!   They also seem to know the difference between clothes I have on...which ones are knock around the house stuff and going out in public stuff.  Going out in public has Katie sitting by the pantry door cause she knows they will get milk bones before I walk out the door.

They also know when it's bed time and get totally bent out of shape on weekends when I tend to stay up later.  Hubby goes to bed at 8:30 on weeknights because of work.  I generally stay downstairs till about 9:45 and then come up on the computer.  Even if I happen to stay up till 10 because I am watching a program they will come and sit in front of me by 9:45.  And weekends...OMG!  They carry on so because I am staying up.  Doesn't matter what hubby does...it's me and what I do.  Also as soon as I come downstairs in the evening with my jammies on it means a game of Max In The Middle...never mind if we just spent 20 minutes playing another game must ensue or we will have no peace.

And heaven help the cats in this house if I say their name....that sets off barking because the corgis think the cats need disciplining of some kind even if they don't.  Granted it works good when I an too far away from the cat when it's into something it shouldn't or I'm too lazy to get up but the dogs don't care why I say the cat names...bark bark bark.

Coughing always concerns Sky. If either of us coughs, he runs over to us, jumps in our face, seems very worried.

Another unfortunate trigger is farting. He attacks them. Very embarrassing. Do not break wind within earshot of the corgi.

Sneezing doesn't seem to bother him much.

Cathie....."Another unfortunate trigger is farting. He attacks them. Very embarrassing. Do not break wind within earshot of the corgi."  Oh my...that set the giggles off in the worst way!  Thank you for making me laugh this morning.

momo does that too! LOL.... My husband will often break wind in the kitchen or think that he's pretty quiet and momo will stop playing with his chew toys and come looking for the source, which also happens to be my hubby's bum.

Momo will go on a barking spree if he hears my husband's office chair squeak, becuz he wants to be in the same office with my husband if he is working from home.  ( he LOVES to be around my husband)

Momo will also run to the door and sit infront of the door (or the closest he can to the front door get if he's gated off by baby gates), if he hears the click of the lock at the front door, cuz that means SOMEONE is going out or coming in, and there is a 50/50 chance that he will get to go on a walk if it's SOMEONE leaving. <3

Blue can hear the cheese grater being used, even when he's on the other side of the house. He always comes running, hoping for a morsel of cheese. He also barks whenever he hears a rooster crow. I'm not sure why... there are no roosters near us, nor were there roosters near his breeder. For some strange reason, that "Cock-a-doodle-doo" noise gets him all fired up!

Mine reacts instantly to buzzing sound! Also if I tell him bye bye he'll always come running...so cute!

Love the check tear causing such a reaction! LOL

My three don't have too many triggers... but the one that is most annoying (okay, it's kinda funny SOMETIMES) is that any time a doorbell rings on a TV show, all 3 start running madly to the front door barking like crazy... even if it IS 1:00 AM and I'm watching TV snuggled up in bed!! Mind you, they don't go as crazy when my *ACTUAL* doorbell rings, go figure! Sidenote: the reruns of 'Roseanne' seem to have at least 3 doorbell rings per episode (slapping my head...)... LOL

I have several leashes and often have them laying in a chair or somewhere they don't belong. When I decide to hang a stray one back up in the closet, all three run to the front door jumping like crazy and hope that we are going somewhere!

The last trigger would have to be the refrigerator door. They are convinced that I MUST be getting something for them!



I walk in the pantry/laundry room and the boys assume they are getting a meal or a treat-even if I have a laundry basket in hand.  Doorbells on the tv send Redford into a barking fit.  They send Butler running to the door (that's how he got his name).


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