Our pup's name is Shiro, but we also call him Bunny, Twinky Boy, Lazy Bum, Fuzzy Butt, Dummie, Dumbo, Pretty Boy

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I call Nutmeg: Nutty, Choo Choo, Baby Girl, Bee Boo.
I usually call Dax anything but Dax. Lol. Daximus, gluteus daximus, daximillion, pants, turkey legs, buddy, D-a-triple x, my little foxbunny, radar (because of his ears of course), lowrider, stubby, bunny butt, little boy. I'm sure I'm forgetting something somewhere. I'd be surprised if he actually knew his own name. Sometimes my boyfriend just looks at him and goes "Spoon!" just to see if he'll answer to it. Lol.
I'm the exact same way! Shayleigh has so many names I'm not sure how she knows to respond to them all! My favorites are: Wiggles, Wigglebutt, Pumpkin, Babykins, Sillybutt, and the one I probably call her the most Naughty-pants.
Gluteus daximus! Love it!
Little Buddy and Poop Machine.
We call Algy the same names too! Ha!!
Our two big nicknames for Gibson are Stinky, Stinker or Stinks from me and Fatty or Fats from my husband.. We're so loving :)
Mister Jack's nicknames are .... Jack-Jack, Mister, Chubbs, Cor-Gee, Fat Man, Little Boy, Nubs, Jacquline [from my Grandmother who believes Jack is a cross dresser now that he's fixed.] Mister J, Little 'Midder', Bunny Butt
Our Jack gets called pup, Tubs, Big-Fat-Fatty (I'm seeing a theme here), and Stinky McPete. That's when he needs a bath after rolling on dead worms (his favorite!), or on rare occasion when he magically smells of tuna even though he has eaten no tuna.....
Seriously, how does that happen? Our roommate says Molly's breath smells like tuna. Mostly I think it smells like doggie breath (the good kind), but every now and then...I have to wonder if she has coaxed a faerie into opening up a can of tuna for her!
LOL! I would think maybe he's getting the cat's food, but the cat's food is upstairs in the bedroom, and the cat sleeps on the bed all day, and the cat would positively kick the dog's ass if he came near her food. She just has to look at him and he slinks away.

I believe some commercial dog foods have fish oil in them for the beneficial fats and Omega 3's. Could that be it?

We have asked the dog. "Jack, you smell of tuna? Why do you smell of tuna? Who smells of tuna?" and he just looks at me and smiles, so that's no help.
It's really gross, but it's because of their butt glands secretting..... ewwwwwwwww!!!!!! Some times they get cloged and you have to express them. YUUUCCCCKKK!!!!! It's soooo gross.


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