Our pup's name is Shiro, but we also call him Bunny, Twinky Boy, Lazy Bum, Fuzzy Butt, Dummie, Dumbo, Pretty Boy

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Noodles nicknames are as follows: Noods, Noodleboy, munchkin, munchie, baby cakes, baby boy, floor explorer, dumbo (you have to love those ears!) and my oldest nephew (who is 5) calls him Noodsie. To this day, I have not a clue where he got that name, but it sounds pretty cute coming from him. Poor Noodles probably doesn't even know his name since I rarely ever say it.
Toby = Toby One, TO, Toe toe, tobias, fuzzy butt( good call maria)big boy

Parker-Bentley= bubba, bubs, PB, Parkey, Parksey, Bentsey, P-Bentley

Its amazing they always know who im talking to. we only had a few names until my brothers realized they were cool dogs and had to nickname them.
Since my corgi is not a little one, the Grands have named him Butt Heavy, not bud light
Penny: Sweet Pea, Baby Doll, Baby Girl, The Poop, Poopy Pooperkins, Corgs, The Princess

Chester: Chet, Chet-Mo, Little Man
Piper and Sebastien share their nicknames except for a few. The shared ones are: Tiny Wonder, Baberpup, Fluffybutt, and some others. Specifically for Piper is Princess while Sebastien who is a tri-color, is Microbrew, because he's black and tan, get it? And when they’re being brats…Bratacus.
My Corgi's name is Radar O'Rielly. Radar, because he has big ears and hears everything and ORielly because he was born on St.Patrick's Day. Nicknames range from Bunny Butt, Pooter Butt, Pootsy, Doppler Radar. There are a wealth of other names but these are most frequently used.
They have so many, but now that he has his wheels, lucky is Mr.Wheels, or just Wheels. Sonny came to us with the name of Sonny Boy, no, I will not call him Sonny Boy! But...I will call him T.W. for Too Wide, or D.W. for Double Wide! They both get called Squiggle Butt, and since Lucky has become incontinent he has become Mr. Pee Pee. Maybe I should work on some nice names!
i call lowlow & torque both stinky.
torque, i call her dork, pork, & fuzz butt
lowlow (her real name is lowrider), i call her turd cakes lol
We call Alwyn "Short stack", "Bunny butt", "Face", "Little Man"
Kara's nicknames are Muff, Muffy, Muffaroni, Corgster and Janie. I have no idea how it started, it just did!


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