Since I am only a few weeks into being an owner I am taking a survey about which brands of food are preferred. My vet recommends purina one puppy food and that is what I started feeding. Now I am reading that this is "junky" full of undesirable ingredients as are many seemingly good foods. I have been reading about Blue Buffalo and Innova. Any thoughts?

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I feed my puppy and dogs Canindae. It is an all stages dog food. Although I did google dog food ananylis to find a higher quality food. I also am looking at changing to taste of the wild though. I was feeding the puppy just regular puppy chow but about once a week she was getting an upset tummy. so i just give them all the Canindae now.
Lots of great feedback folks, I appreciate all the input. I am going to consider Blue Buffalo, Innova, Canindae. I would like to go to the websites and read about the products. Thanks for all the help, I'll let you know how I make out
I searched and search for a good dog food, with a budget in mind... I happily settled for Innova! I love it, both my pems are doing well on it... I fed blu buff for about 5 months and did not like it so much, their coats got dull, and their urine was so neon I could have lite up the world (slight exaggeration) my sister also fed buff and switched to canidea, and she is happy with it. good luck!
Where do you buy it? At a vet's office?
We feed Lance Natural Balance- he seems to be doing good on it! :)
We also use Natural Balance..the Sweet Potatoe and Fish-
no allergy worries from any poultry additives!
2 cups a day-)
and rawhides-)
and treats-)
in great shape!
My Corgi has thrived on Eukanuba lamb and rice.  His coat is healthy and he looks great!
I am switching Kota from Atta Boy ( I KNOW!!!!) to Innova Evo Red Meat Small Bites Tomorrow. I am so excited. I will update how he does on it.
So, I bought a 6.6 pound bag and the lady charged me $22!!!! I couldn't believe it. I was thinking a 6.6 pound bag would be like $13. The lady runs a dog boarding thing out of her house. And she ordered it for me. So, I think it's more expensive just because of that. I looked around in Twin Falls, Idaho and couldn't find anywhere else that sells it. All the stores with dog stuff are now not running anymore. So, I have to look in Boise (2.5 hours away)
My Kate grew up on Nutru Ulta, she loved it, 1st the puppy, then the adult. but it was hard to find, I tried Organic, but that was expensive. So now I found a good supplier for Taste of the wild, and adopted a 2nd dog, and I'm transitioning both into Taste of the wild. They have 3 flavors, and I have the Bison. It came highly recommended and its easy on the pocketbook. I can feed both dogs for what I paid for organic and this is rated higher. I am trimming the weight down on Kate, so she gets fresh veggies with her lower kibble amounts. The other corgi, Ringo, needs to put some weight on!
I feed both of my boys Blue Buffalo. It is a good quality food and not too expensive. The expense is ofset by the fact that you don't have to feed them as much.
We also feed Wellness Core. We also tried the red wolf moon...? stuff that you can order online/make specifically to your dogs needs and the dogs LOVED it but it was just so expensive.

We're also going to try introducing the RAW diet again after we figure out what Roxi is allergic to.


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