Since I am only a few weeks into being an owner I am taking a survey about which brands of food are preferred. My vet recommends purina one puppy food and that is what I started feeding. Now I am reading that this is "junky" full of undesirable ingredients as are many seemingly good foods. I have been reading about Blue Buffalo and Innova. Any thoughts?

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@Hana- I'm reading more and more expert advice that it's best to have puppies on the adult food for proper growth plate development. Rafa just turned 6 mo. and as soon as he's finished with this bag of Chicken Soup....I'm switching him to the adult formula. Both my dogs seem to be doing great on this food!
We use Wellness brand dog food. Skye absolutely loves it. She has a beautiful coat!
Right now (Isabella is almost 11 weeks), we feed a mix of Wellness Puppy and Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken. At 5 months of age she'll be 100% Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken...
I was on Purina One until I found out that Laika is allergic to grain (maybe just corn) and that's why she was so horribly itchy and had a red belly. I switched to Taste of the Wild after doing a bit of research and they're doing fantastic on it :) It's grain free for Laika and it's all life stages since they're still pups. I've had them on it for a couple of months and they are very healthy looking dogs so I'm keeping them on it
Save a lot of headache, danger of allergies and vet bills and go with premium food now (I wish I had)...I have been with Taste of the Wild for a couple years now. No grains variety - and that has made the difference w/allergies. If you can afford it, add in the Nature's Variety raw food medallions - frozen. I always add in a small handful of green beans. You should also be aware that corgis gain weight just by LOOKING at it's very important to keep a handle on not over feeding. This is really easy to get away from us (I know, I went thru this with Sophie). That's my 2 cents...Congratulations on your new puppy!! You in for lots of laughs and great joy!! Corgis are the best and the corgi community is the best!!
The admiral gets Blue Buffalo. Once I read the ingredients I was sold. How ever he is still young and I read where the should not have anything as high in protein as their Wilderness line.
I had a lot of success with Purina One, all of the major name brand foods are well balanced for lifetime use (think of how we used to feed our dogs Ol Roy and Pedigree 20 years ago and they all lived to ripe old ages!). I think its just a trend now (both human and animal) to be leaning more toward an organic/holistic diet. I now feed my dog Wilderness by Blue Buffalo. He's doing great. I'd feed puppy food until about 6 months then make the switch to adult formula. NEVER FEED RAW. Its dangerous and can kill your dog. I work at a vet and have seen countless numbers of dogs have to be hospitalized and die from raw diets.
It really does make one wonder, doesn't it, how dogs managed to survive for 100s, even 1000s of years, without eating processed food out of a bag!
Mine eats Royale Canine... his breeder uses that food since the beginning. Not cheap though, but very not bad !!
we feed queenie blue buffalo longevity
I used Eukanuba initially & both of mine toleratedit but they developed an odor issue. They actually smelled so bad that I had trouble being near them. Decided that it had to be food additives/ingredients. They also had weight problems. Science has always been very expensive here. Switched to Nutro Natural Choice (initially the Lo-Cal formula) & the odor went away & excess weight came off pretty quickly. Once their weights were acceptable I switched to Nutro Senior maintenance & never had another problem. A friend's male corgi is allergic to eggs, wheat, corn & grass. Not sure which brand of lamb & rice she uses but spring thru summer she gives an antihistamine for the grass or he'll lick & chew til he has sores on his legs & paws.
I work at a petstore so some information about dog foods. What you want to choose is a food that has no by products. No chicken meals, lamb meals or anything like that.

The better foods are going to be the specialty foods (the foods that you can't find in a grocery store). Blue Bufflo, Nutro, Royal Canine, Authorty, and Natures Recipe.... anything like that

Your 1st ingredient needs to be a meat and yes you want to feed a puppy food because it has the all the vitamins that a puppy needs for proper growth.

If you change foods than be sure to mix the foods and slowly switch him over to avoid a random upset in his tummy. Believe me when I say that it is no fun for anyone when you have a puppy with an upset tummy.

Also, while he is a puppy feed only treats that are light in color other wise he may have problems digesting them..

Hope it helps!

Congrats on the Corgi!


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