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Red and white with a smudge on the muzzle.   :-)      Adorable!

The mask is common on sables BUT a sable needs to have black hairs mixed in on the coat and usually has a "cap" on the top of the head as well.

He has a ton of black hairs on his ears, and a black undercoat on his skull.  Both his parents were sable, tooHere's a more recent pic

Sable should also have black tipping on the coat and the coat looks mostly red to me.

Adorable either way!   :-) 

Beth...interesting on a sable.  Max and Brady were/are definitely reds.  Katie I was never sure what to call her.  She is a very light red/white no black on her face but on her head if you ruffle her red fur forward it has a black base but no black in her coat at all.

Jack has a lot of black tips on his red coat, but a breeder we know was very clear that he is red-and-white with some sabling, as opposed to sable.

I'd say sable. Cute puppy!

I was told that if they have black tipping on the ears they could be considered sable.  My boy has a touch of it too, but mostly red.  Whatever... your pup is a cutie!


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