I'm beginning to think my Sophie has a sensative stomach and I'm not sure what to feed her.  She will be 1 year old in July and has been on Blue Buffalo since I got her at 13 weeks.  Since I'll be transitioning to "grown up" food soon now is a good time to try something else, but I don't know what.  There are soooooooooooo many.  I'd love some advise from all of you with experience.

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I feed Taste of the Wild which is a  all life stages food. There are several discussions on here about food. Corgis are also considered a large breed puppy so you would want to careful as to what food you switch her to.
Tallulah also eats blue buffalo adult chicken.  If you think Sophie has a sensitive stomach you should think about the blue buffalo basics.
Quin eats Blue buffalo adult
What makes you think she has a sensitive stomach? It could just be that the puppy food is too rich for her now.
We have had good luck with California Natural chicken and rice for our Doberman with a very sensitive tummy and Izzy does better with the low calorie Innova. If she frequently has loose stools I would try a rice or lower fat content food. Some really good foods are just a little rich for some dogs.

Hi Tina,


You'll find food info in the FAQ, BB tends to be a bit rich.

Frank did great on Blue Buffalo. What makes you think she has stomach problems? Like other posters have said, it may be puppy food is just too rich for her now. If you think she is sensitive I'd stick with the same brand but try a different protein source. That way most ingredients stay the same and you can determine if she truly does have a sensitivity to a specific protein source or not. Franklin has been switched to Taste of the Wild but has since developed crystals in his urine and after looking more closely I see that the TOTW flavor I have been feeding has a very low protein so will be switching back to Blue Buffalo Wilderness since Frank did so well on it in the past. Also, Franklin had loose stool on almost all of the grain free foods I've fed and his stool is finally firm now that I am adding some Hills T/D (a dental food) to his diet.
My three cardis do great on Taste of the Wild.  I did try the Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul for a while, but one of them developed horrible gas, so switched back to TOTW.

Bugsy likes TOTW & Orijen for crunchy bits.

Natures Selection (all flavours) raw medallions for supper. Unless mommy's been working in the restaurant - then he gets trimmings from beef tenderloin, beef ribeye, bison strip, & trout skin "bacon"...


oh & he finds carrots and broccoli stalks to be quite delicious for snacks (when he can't get fresh moose poop)

Where do you live that you get fresh moose poop- would it be out west.
We've been on the hunt for a long time for a good food that Sidney will be excited about eating. We finally hit the jackpot. Natural Balance Alpha Dog (Sid gets the fish variety). It's widely available, comes from a reputable company and is grain free without being too high in protein. His coat is beautiful, no gas, no bad breath and his poops are nice and firm.
I've been feeding Canidae All Life Stages for both Ein and Brian for their whole life and they've been doing great on it. 


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