What do you guys use to brush your Corgi's teeth? There are so many products out there and I'd like to narrow down.

What products have you used and liked?

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Hot diggety! I feel exactly the same way about toothbrushes and I'm not even a dog. 

Okay, Cassie is going to try this. Let's just hope she doesn't remove the human's right hand in the process... ;-)

Just take it easy at first. Put a tiny dab of the paste on the brush and let her lick it off. Then give her a special treat. Sounds odd seeing as how you want to clean her teeth, but for now you are teaching her how to tolerate it. Then the next day, do the same but turn the brush on and let her lick it & treat. The third day, put the paste on, turn it on, let her lick, touch it to one tooth & treat. Each day just keep adding more teeth & treat with a special yummy when done. Once she tolerates both sides of her mouth, you can start skipping the treats. You might want to throw one in now and then just to keep her interested. I tried rushing and making Sophie get through a whole brushing and she'd fight me. We are now up to one whole side and the top of the other without fuss. Our new vet told me to touch to a different side/top/bottom each day. That way all parts get a touch in the first week. Let the brush do the work, too. I tend to want to move it back and forth anyhow but if I just let it do its thing and slowly move it from one to the next tooth, she does much better.

Thank you guys for all these options to use! :)


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