Hi. I am brand new to the forum and to Corgis. I am about to get a mismarked Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy and I wanted to know what you guys thought about him, whether you notice anything apparently wrong with him (other than the face mismark, which is quite big, pretty much all white, unlike most face mismarks I´ve seen online -this is the only Corgi breeder in Argentina and I had never seen one "in the flesh" until I went there, as a matter of fact I knew the breed through Cowboy Bebop-).

I also wanted to hear any tips you may have on training, feeding, etc and any potential dangers I should look out for. Also, how best to introduce him to my cat. She is a stray (named Kali) that I´ve had for some 4 years now, she is around 7 or so and is very loving and affectionationate. She was used to my old dog, a 14 year old Beagle (named Gandalf, I really miss him a lot), they never fought, Gandalf pretty much ignored her, and so did she, though she would sometimes take a swipe at him, though I´m not sure if playing, saying "hey, that´s far enough!" or what, but I would always chastise her when I saw her do it.

Here is a picture of him (he will be called Ryuk) and I was told he was some 22 days old and that I can go pick it up starting on July 20.

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Well, the first day and night were a lot of fun... He is always hungry and he keeps going to the bathroom in his bed...

He pooped at least 3 times in his bed and peed twice there too. I already set out some newspapers and soaked them in his pee and put some of his turds on them too but he ignores them. I have never caught him in the act so I cannot tell him what he did was wrong. Is he too young to understand yet (45 days)?

Also, the amount of food the breeder told me to give him is really small and he seems to be hungry all the time. He told me to feed his 12 grams (0.423 onces) 3 times a day and to increase that to 20 grams (0.70 onces) once he turns 2 months. Does that seem right to you?

Use an old towel for his bed for now. take him out every 2 hours to go potty when you can. He will not have control of his bladder at this age but you can help him by taking him out regularly and praising him for going "potty" outside. Depending if you live in a house or apartment...you might want to carry him out. Does he have any shots? Be very careful so that he doesn't come in contact with other dogs/feces until he has at least 2-3 sets of shots. If your area  doesn't have dogs that are routinely vaccinated I would even be more cautious until he has at least his 3rd set of shots and rabies.

How much does 12 drams make in cup size? (ex: 1/3 cup). Has he been wormed? I feed my pups several times a day at 6 weeks.

He hasn´t had any shots yet and I don´t dare taking him out, even to the back yard, because it´s really cold (this morning it was almost 32ª F)

And those 12 grams are probably about 1/54 of a small cofee cup

He's only 45 days old? That's really early for a puppy to be leaving his litter. At that age he definitely has very little to no control over his bladder. You are correct that you should not scold him unless you actually catch him doing it - but he should be within your sight at all times at this age. If you can't watch him, put him in a crate or an xpen so he can't sneak off to potty somewhere. I'd also take him outside to potty at least every hour. 32 F is fine for a quick potty trip.

I'm trying to do the conversion on the food amount, but what I'm finding is that 12 grams is only about a tablespoon of food??? If so that is a REALLY small amount. I realize he's young but I'd still try feeding him 1/2 cup at least 2-3 times a day.

I would also take him to the vet asap. I think he should have received at least one shot by now...

Yes, he is too young to understand and would only be confused if you tell him going potty is wrong. In America puppies leave their mother at 8 weeks old at the absolute earliest. My breeder did not send puppies home until 10 weeks of age. So your puppy is much younger than many people will have had any experience with trying to housetrain. At the age your puppy is, my puppy had been introduced to the litterbox concept along with his littermates at the breeder's. They spent most of their time in a large exercise pen area with their crates and a couple litterboxes. Floor & inside of crates lined with towels for easy frequent clean-up. Perhaps you could try a similar set-up at your house, using a litterbox instead of newspaper. Taking him outside as frequently as possible (and always when he wakes up from naps or finishes a meal) and telling him he is wonderful when he potties outside is essential, but I think at this young age you have to expect some pottying to happen in his living area until he is old enough to understand and has more physical control of himself.  

Good luck, he is very cute! :)

32* is cold but it's not real cold, as long as you are not leaving him outside it's not a problem for him to be taken outside to do his business..  He's a puppy so his time outside in cold should not be long but if you want to get him potty trained when he (and you) will need to get use to it.  Corgis live in all kinds of climates.  I like in the northeastern part of the US and it gets much colder that 32*...my dogs go out not only to do their business but also to have some fun in the snow.  Cold and snow can set them off to have some wild rides tearing thru the yard.  The amount of time outside is the key.

I´ll try taking him outside tomorrow and will take him to the vet´s this week. He is supposed to have been give a shot at the breeder´s but I don´t know which one (when I went to pick him up the guy and his wife were at a dog show so only his son was there and he didn´t know much about it.

As to the amount of food it´s probably a bit more than a tablespoon but it still is very little, he goods berserk whenever I feed him, it´s all gone within seconds.

Earlier today he actually peed on the newspaper and I congratulated him profusely but it seems it was a one time deal (or maybe just blind luck) cause he later peed in my room and pooped in my computer room. Oh well, it´s going to be a while until he lears to do his business outside.

Also, he bites anything in range, his bed, people´s fingers, shoelaces, etc, it´s almost impossible to get your hand anywhere near his head without him biting you, which can sometimes be rather painful when he manages to pinch a small amount of skin/flesh. Some of you mentioned that there is plenty of advise on how to deal with this behavior in the forum. Are there any sickied threads about it?

Outside should be fine for short periods. Where I live we have lots of snow and much colder temps. Make it fun and don't give in if he doesn't know what to do have him drag his leash and he can follow you...have some fun.


Yes, he's a growing pup and should be eating probably 1/2 cup 3 times a day. Make sure you find out if he was wormed or ask the vet their opinion as they should be wormed at least 3 times(every 21 days) here.

Switch out your hand for a toy. Can even be a plastic bottle just something other than your hand. I always say "owe" in a loud voice(like something hurts, turn away and give NO attention even if he continues. I will try to find some of the other discussions on this.

There are some good articles in the FAQ section at the top of the page.

Awe! So adorable! He's is absolutely precious! I wish you good luck with your new puppy!

I took him outside for the first time today, he was a bit scared of going out and I had to carry him to the garden, but he seemed to like it when he was out there in the sunlight.


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