My husband and I were talking about what kind of animal Logan reminds us of.  I couldn't think of one, a real one.  I told him that when I look at Logi I think of that line from The Lorax about the "Barbaloots in their barbaloot suits.  

What fictional character do you most associate with your corgi?

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We do love Dr. Seuss around here.  This is what Twinkie reminds me of...

I'll pick Scrat from Ice Age.  Able to get into a lot of trouble and we don't care b/c they're so cute and give you the best "I couldn't have done that" looks. Plus the acorn -- Kinda like a squeaky toy...

I gotta agree Franklin is just like Scrat. He is just so unaware of all the trouble he is constantly getting himself into!! Also, his favorite thing in the WHOLE world are these big seed pod things that fall out of the trees by my apartment. He picks on up every time when walk by them and tries to sneak it into the house. He is very sneaky and I will find one or two in my bed or in the back of my car or in my bathroom.... lol.

Terrible picture but shows his favorite toy.

Or this one when we were at the river the other day, I turned my back for one second and look back around and he's up on a tree that is about 6 feet off the ground! Doesn't look that high in this picture but it is over my  head.

LOL.  Like the tree picture.  My parents and I go mushroom hunting in the woods. And there are a lot of fallen trees, and Scout does the same thing - just walks right up along them not realizing how high off the ground she is. And somehow she can get her long corgi body turned back around and go back down the tree with no problem...

Belle playing with her enchanted Ottoman dog, 'Beauty and the Beast,' 1991.   As soon as I got Quin she made me think of the ottoman from beauty and the beast but with out the tail:)

Snoopy is fictional????

Wile E. Coyote  :3  Ellie is always hatching new schemes to try to get more tasty treats into her tummy!

Cindi  that is a good one. This is what I came up with. How is it everyone else has the image come up and mine is a link?????



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