I have fed Purina and Royal Canin. He is 5 months old, what did you/do you feed your babies?

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I feed mine purina pro plan. It's expensive but that's what she's done the best on.  I tried wellness dog food but they had some personal gross issues with it so I switched back to purina pro plan. 

We started Winston on Nutro Natural Puppy because that's what his breeder had been feeding him. But we were recommended to Blue Buffalo and had been using that (the Salmon and Sweet Potato blend) until about two months ago.

When we moved, none of the pet stores in the area carried Blue Buffalo and we didn't want to get Winston something that would have grains and such in it so we asked a local pet supply store what was comparable. We ended up switching to Orijen's Six Fish blend and he's been doing really well on it. It makes his hair super soft - I'd guess because of all the fish? 

My only issue with it is the smell of the kibble is overwhelming (to me, haha, Winston LOVES the smell). Whenever I open the sealed container we use, the whole house smells like his dog kibble for about ten minutes or so. 

I used to use Orijen Six Fish too. That smell was so overwhelming, especially when putting a new bag of dog food into the dog food container.  =)




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Natural balance Alpha Dog. WE FINALLY found a food he enjoys!

Taste of the Wild's lamb formula, they do great on it! Laika has some food allergies so we try to stick to grain free foods

I don't have my puppy corgi yet, but when I do get her she will be 8 weeks old. The breeder has been feeding her Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken/Rice. I was wondering if you know how long I should feed her this until I can switch to something else that's dry?

I started switching mine to grain-free as soon as I brought him home. You switch gradually so that it should take about a week to get her off that. Feeding is a personal choice, however. I am just one of those that believes whatever a dog eats should be 100% grain-free (NO wheat, corn, rice, oats, rye, etc)

I just got a new puppy last Thursday and I started transitioning the day after, only because that's when the new food arrived otherwise I would have started the same day.  Shippo I basically started giving him his new food the day I got him because I got him from a BYB (I was impatient) and she fed them "whatever."  He actually did fine going cold turkey but I don't think I'd really suggest it, I didn't really have much of a choice in the matter.

I started feeding Wellness once I joined here and saw good reviews of it.  My dogs have done wonderful on it.  I currently have my aussie puppy on the puppy formula, and the last time I was at the vet, they said whatever we were feeding her to keep it up because her coat was beautiful...  :-)

Fences is on Nutro chicken and rice puppy formula and Tom has been with TOTW Prairie formula for a while now. They have done well on it, and I do plan on switching Fences to TOTW in a month or two.


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