Hey guys, was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what my Corgi Sunny is mixed with.


I'm picking the pup up tonight and I'm super excited.

A few friends are thinking Basenji or Collie.

Wondering if anyone has any other ideas.


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He looks like a cross with a corgi and a basenji...the basenji legs and body with a corgi head :P Maybe a little cattle dog too.

I think, based on the pictures, you might be dealing with a FULL CORGI! :) We have a lot of corgis around here (Quebec, Canada) that come from, what Beth called, not so careful breeders, and they do get leggy. What a sweetheart. Great job for adopting! :)

Are there Sheba Inus in Taiwan? I thought of that when I saw the face, but looking at more photos I'm thinking tall corgi now.

Well, I have no clue.. But he sure is ADORABLE!


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