I got a corgi mix from a rescue and they told me he was a corgi/chihuahua mix. I doubted it, and I don't care much either way. They just said he was going to stay small and not grow too much. He was really sick when I got him, and you could see his ribs and his hip bones, he only weighed 10.4 pounds. The rescue only had him a few days when I came to pick him up. Well after having him for 2 weeks, he had gained 5 POUNDS! He was a fat little boy and full of energy. No parasites, no limp, just happy. He has to be close to 20 pounds now that we have had him a month. I don't care that the rescue might have been off about his mix or his size, I love him. But someone made a face because they assumed he was mixed with a pitbull. He is brindle but his mom was a cardigan. They didn't believe me that corgi's could come in those colors and would not tolerate my dog at the dog park. Am I wrong to be angry with them. He is an angel, even if we was part pit he is wonderful, and I think he is still too small to be a pit mix, he just looks like a corgi with long legs. What do you think?

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One, he does not look like a Pit mix to me. And two, is he a puppy? He looks like a puppy. Anyone who would discriminate against a puppy based on a hunch that he just might be a pit mix has some serious issues.

He's adorable!
He is just about 4 months old (guestimate) and he is a darling. No slipper is safe and I love him. I don't think he looks like a pit but the color keeps getting him attantion. I just think he is beautiful!
Violet is a purebread Cardigan Welsh Corgi and a brindle. My brother has several chi's and your puppy is very cute but I don't think mixed with a chihuahua. I have attached several photo's of our Violet, feel free to bring them with you and show people they are wrong. Properly socialize your puppy and give him the love and training he needs and it will all work out in the long run. Since he is such a young puppy it is really hard to tell what he's mixed with. As he grows into himself you may be able to figure out his mix. Personality should win out over breed stereoptype everytime!
Yes, I have actually referred to another brindle corgi that is in the same town as the dog park (there are a lot of corgi's down here) but they did not listen. I don't think he looks like a Chihuahua, but it is a good selling point, people tend to like small dogs. I like big dogs and I LOVE corgi's so if he ends up being a big corgi then I will be happy. I just think the rescue was trying to make him sound cute by calling him that. For Christmas I am sky for one of those DNA tests just for fun. But I am just annoyed with the lady for being like that. She removed her dog from the park because she didn't want him near my possibly "vicious" puppy.
vicious puppy? Haha
That's almost like a "mean bunny" or "ferocious kitten".
How can a puppy be vicious???
I thought they didn't let you go to the dog park, but if it's not the case then you should be happy that dumb people are leaving after seeing your puppy. You can only imagine what retarded people's dogs are like.
I love your response. We are going to be freinds!!!
Throughout your pup's life, you will notice that the average person has no clue what a Pit Bull really looks like. There are a ton of breeds that come in brindle, including Cardis. Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy your puppy. He's adorable!

I'd bring a cardigan book with me to the dog park so I can shove it in their face next time they want to cause a stink about your pup.

I could be mistaken, but can't a Cardigan grow up to weigh like 35-40lbs? Mix that with a dog that has long legs, even a smaller breed, and I don't think the resulting mix will be too much different in weight... just a guess though.

I think they can on the top extreme. The average male range is 30 to 35 lbs.

We had a corgi mix for a few months last year, we think she was corgi/carter maybe but other than the fact she was all brown she looked a lot like your puppy as far as facial features and paw size etc. Although I personally am not a fan of the breed of pitbull in general, I think it is very wrong for anyone to think that something that may look like one would have the vicious attitude of one. And to be fair my best friend had two pits, these were the best dogs, they were well behaved, they were great with her four kids. She had to get rid of them because after having her male for over 5 years the property manager finally decided to throw a fit about him being there even though there had been no complaints about him from anyone and he stayed on his property and was crated or kenneled in her house if she was gone so that no one making a delivery or anything would be worried about seeing him.
I have no problem with pit bulls. It is a Common Sense issue! If you are not able to handle a large powerful dog then you should not have one. Like people who get labs and just expect them to lie around all day. They are WORKING DOGS! Pit Bulls are best when they have a job to do, even if it just frisby or a running partner, they need to get their energy out and be socialized. People don't freak out about Golden Retrievers, but they are responsible for a large percentage of dog bites in the country every year. I was just annoyed. I did not say anything because I am a quiet person, but he is a little ball of baby fat with stripes, hardly intimidating. Your flip flops may be in danger but not you! ( he is teething a LOT)
lol, I followed a trail of something blue today and found my eight month old corgi under my bed with the remainder of my son's flip flop. The look on his face when he got caught was too funny.
Honestly, to me the second picture attached "morgan.1" made him look like a pit bull...but in Canada, we don't really discriminate pittbulls. Yes, we have incidences, but dogs are dogs. It's not up to them to behave the way people think they would behave. It's really the owner's fault. If my corgis bite people, I would take full responsibility because it would've been my fault not to teach them better. Although we are careful at the dog park when there are big dogs (especially un-neutered ones), we watch for ours. Let the owners of the other dogs watch for theirs... You should make sure that morgan is a sweet boy who doesn't cause trouble, and when people give you faces about him, you show them that morgan is better than their dogs. But yeah, i would've been angry at people who diss my babies....My aunt told my mom that my corgis look like pigs....so I said she and her husband look like pigs...don't be dissin my pups. Morgan is precious...don't let them get to you.


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