As the title says, I would love to hear from all of you on what made you decide on getting a Corgi!

I'll start

- I wanted an indoor medium sized dog that was also somewhat active at the same time so that I can take him to parks,trails and generally outdoor stuff.  I then saw the Corgi flop video on youtube and started researching the breed and everything about them fit the bill.  So in "short"(hahah), Corgi flop Video was what made me want to get a Corgi. What about everyone else?

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I grew up with German Shepherds. The first dogs my hubby and I got when we got our first house were both rescue sheps. My first experience with Corgis was at work (I work at a vet clinic) with a client who bred Corgis. I got to know the dogs and fell in love. Being there through an entire Corgi pregnancy, dews and tails, first vaccines... it just made me love them more. We all know the power of a Corgi puppy smile, I was sold. I knew someday I would have Corgis. Several years went by and unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This makes dealing with large dogs much more difficult. So when my rescues crossed over the Rainbow Bridge (12 years and 14 years) I knew I had to get a smaller breed. Enter the Corgi. Perfect for us. Being use to herding breeds it was easy to make the transition. They are smaller, smart and unlike many of the smaller breed dogs, they will not break if they fall off the couch or get stepped on! LOL

So to make a long story even longer, Corgi puppy smiles made me want one (or thirty) of my own. :)

I had a hound (Basenji) in my childhood and when I decided I was ready for my second dog, I wanted one a little less... independent. So I looked up herding and working breeds, keeping in mind that I lived in an apartment and that my husband is extremely picky about looks.

I found the Wikipedia entry for Cardigan Welsh Corgis, and it had a handsome blue merle as the main photo. I showed it to my husband who said, "Oh wow, that color is so great! And that tail! But... where's its legs?" One Corgi Flop video later, he relented that it was a pretty hilarious trait. He wanted a bigger dog (a Koolie or an Aussie), but we went with the corgi because those legs were too good to pass up. :)

I usually am a big dog person....I had a lab coonhound mix and when he passed, I got an English mastiff.  Well, my daughter got her corgi Ein, and I fell in love! Then my mastiff passed, and  It just so happened that I know a couple that had a male and female tricolor.  They bred them and I had a puppy before they were even born.  I thought I wanted a male, but we had some issues with Ein, and I then thought a female would be better.  As it turns out, I got last pick, and I hadnt told them that I wanted a female, but when I went to see them...and they said here is your puppy..they put this little girl in my lap, and it was fate.  She will be 2 on May 9th..and I cant tell you the joy she has brought me!

Most of us are like that.  Once we have been owned by a corgi, we don't want anything else.

when i was about 13 or so, i was walking around the bike trails near my neighborhood with my sister. we came to a cross walk where a lady was waiting with her dog, one i had never seen before (a corgi!) i asked her what kind of dog it was, and it was so well behaved and sweet and absolutely adorable! i wanted one every since! =) it was also helpful because i don't like really small dogs because most are yappy, annoying, and needy, but i'm not quite ready for a big dog either. at the same time though, like you, i wanted one that was active. i wanted to be able to go on long walks and jogs with (another reason why small dogs were off the table) a corgi is just perfect for me! i fell in love with their silly looking proportions =)

The smile!

Cowboy Bebop.  ;)  I had never seen a corgi before I saw Cowboy Bebop.  Once I watched the antics of Ein, the data dog, I researched the heck out of the breed and began the slippery descent into corgi addiction.

Same for me!  I grew up watching Cowboy Bebop with my mom.  Later on, I did research and ended up falling in love with corgis - especially after discovering the existence of Fluffies!

I had no intention of getting a dog, let alone a Corgi.  Then my son got Ringo, and asked me to puppy-sit one weekend.  I fell in love with Ringo, contacted CelestialStar Kennels within a week, and had Torri within a month.  Its been three delightful years!  I can't imagine a better breed.

I grew up with tiny dogs, then my first two dogs on my own were standard long hair dachunds (12lbs). When Lacy started fading I started looking for another, but the only thing I could find were mini's, or exotic color standards. I just wanted a red standard- why is that so hard? So I decided to look for a different breed. At various times each of my sons and husband said they met a corgi and it was a neat dog. I had recently met a soft fluffy corgi. One of the things I like about the LH Doxie is that they are SOFT. So I thought, the guys want a corgi, I'll get one. I had NO idea what I was getting into! I made mistakes in training, and suddenly she is MY horrible dog. Fortunately, after a lot of time and patience I have been able to train most of her evilness out and I don't know if I could ever be happy with a normal, boring, dog again.

Love at first sight!  I saw a lady outside a store with two Cardigans, many years ago and that image stayed with me until I got one.

I've been enamored of Corgi butts ever since I can remember ;->    They are just so darn cute.   Seriously though - although I've always considered myself more of a "big" dog person, our previous dog was a HUGE yellow lab - so I thought it might be nice to have a somewhat more portable dog.  Since I've never been able to resist the corgi's I've seen/met I decided to do more investigation and everything I read about the breed made me think that one would be a good fit for our lifestyle, etc. I never thought we'd be fortunate enough to find a full-breed since we were looking for a (relatively young) rescue... and had no prior corgi experience.   Now, it's hard not to imagine having one (or two, or three ;->).


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