As the title says, I would love to hear from all of you on what made you decide on getting a Corgi!

I'll start

- I wanted an indoor medium sized dog that was also somewhat active at the same time so that I can take him to parks,trails and generally outdoor stuff.  I then saw the Corgi flop video on youtube and started researching the breed and everything about them fit the bill.  So in "short"(hahah), Corgi flop Video was what made me want to get a Corgi. What about everyone else?

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For the longest time my parents would do scavenger hunts for certain holidays if I got something like a bike, or something a little big to be wrapped ^_^ it was great fun! I don't suggest of course giving pets as gifts but this one was a tady different =D as it was a family agreement ^_^ miss those good times, she was the cutest puppy! Now she's the baby of the house.

 I wanted to adopt a dog in need of a good home and went on Petfinder to try to find an "ideal"  match in terms of size, activity level, personality and other factors. 

 I was about to adopt a Portuguese Water Spaniel when someone stepped in and adopted her first! Not long afterwards, two other suitable matches from the same local shelter popped up--a Tibetan Terrier and a Corgi Mix. 

I thought about it for a few days and decided to say "yes" to "Corgi madness." 

I'm glad I much fun.  

Its funny how these little ones wiggle their way in out lives ^_^ to me its always the best option thats happened! Your mix is adorable!

At the time I wanted a dog, I lived in an apartment and as a single owner, I wanted a dog that I could lift by myself.  So I looked for dog breeds between 20-40 lbs. (although I have since gotten Lilo who is closer to 50+ lbs, whom I can barely lift and she is really my max)  I grew up with a Pomeranian and while he was cute, I always thought he was too small and I wanted a dog that was more energetic but if it had enough walks, it could manage life in an apartment.  I started going down the dog breed list and looked up pictures. I owned a rabbit, so I wanted a non-hunting breed.  A dog that would learn to respect other animal species and not be as strongly motivated to hunt a rabbit, and I liked the independence of the herding breeds and when I stumbled on Pembroke Welsh Corgi, I fell in love with the foxy look, the big ears, the quirky personality and the intelligence. It's funny though... I've watched a lot of anime (the top 200 anime - I've seen most of them) and yet I had never watched cowboy bebop.   

My friend had one as kid and he (the corgi) use to play with us and was so cute.  I admired them since and when it was time to get our own dog, the corgi was  the only breed we could agree on.

I saw a movie when I was 8 that had a Corgi as one of the main characters (Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery).  I thought the dog was just the cutest and the personality the gave him was not only highly amusing, but something that I would expect from my own pet dog!  So, of course, I wanted that dog.  I never knew what breed it was until my friend, when I was 13, asked me if I liked Corgis.  I was like, "WTF is a Corgi?" and he showed me a picture.  Of course, I lost it.  I had finally found the type of dog from that movie!  Awesome.  

I recently bought a VHS copy of the movie and watched it at home. Waffle is just like the dog in the movie.  I'm so glad to know that I was not misled. :]


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