For me it's when Ah Jai (my 3-month baby boy) jumps forward and crouches down with his butt in the air, smiling all the while. :-D He does it whenever he wants to play. Such a shame I've never been able to capture it with my camera.

Oh, and the lovely head tilt that he does whenever he's confused as to what I just said.

And the way he licks his smiling lips when he sees his food bowl.

I can just go on and on...

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It's so hard to stay serious when he does this, but I love when my boy "talks back". whenever I try to give him the command "wait" he ALWAYS sasses me back with a woof that clearly says "NO".

Dino does not talk back but to look into his eyes when it comes to dinner time...he just is not too vocal.

i try to teach Ah Jai not to talk back, although when he does it i secretly find it irresistibly cute ;-P
To start off, I love it when Noodles howls when I come home. I'm the only one he does this for and if you try to get him to howl (as in you start howling first), he will tilt his head to the side like you are crazy. I love the fact when you ask for kisses, he always kisses your ears (not quite sure why). I love it when his teeth chatter when he is giving a really big stretch and sometimes a howl will come out as well. When you ask him if he is hungry, he will lick his lips. Oh, also with food...he knows we (mom and Noodles) get a snack when I get home from work, he will look on top of the fridge until I pull something down to snack on. There have been a couple times when I haven't been hungry, so I'll get my workout clothes on and he will still be standing in front of the fridge looking up at the top and then back at me as if to say "you forgot something".  Okay, I'll stop, but trust me there are plenty more things.
Whenever I ask "Where's Ava?"  (Ava is one of my cats) Jake will start barking and looking around to try and find Ava so he can herd her.  It doesn't matter where we are, he'll always respond to "where's Ava?"
LOL Franklin does this too with my cat Tiny. In fact, his emergency recall words are "Where's Tiny" bc it gets his attention back on me 100% of the time no matter what he's doing!
Yep..."where's Mickey" (family cat)? same same...too funny, especially since Mickey passed away sadly about 5 years ago.
Hands down it has to be the head nodding thing! There is nothing cuter when you start talking them and they nod their head like there actually listening and understand what your talking about!
One of the first 'tricks' Potus learnt was 'hi-5', so its his go to trick when he wants anything. His ball goes under the couch, he hi 5's the couch, you hold his ball and he wants it, he hi-5s whatever part of your body is closet, or the air, or if you're very far away, whatever is closest to him. It's hilarious.
Scout is a huge cuddler.  When I get home from work, she always has to have her time on my lap after we go outside.  Also, I love her little nudges she gives me if I stop petting her for a little while.  She also does the adorable head tilt, mostly if she hears other dogs on TV, or I will get on youtube and play videos just so she does the head tilt. Also, her "I need to go outside" cue is cuddling up to me and frapping on the couch.She just has the perfect personality.
Solomon has many little cute quirks, but the one that I absolutely love is when he and I are playing with his wubbie, he will click his teeth together 3 times real quick.  Sounds like a aligator snapping his mouth shut.  We call him gator when we play with him.  He yodels when I talk to him everytime.  His butt does not wiggle but his nubs stands up and it moves back and forth like intermittment windshield wiper blades!  We don't say look at his tail or nub but we say his windshield wiper blade is moving!!!  He lays on the floor and paws at our feet like a cat.  There are many more things so I will stop here, but those are the best ones.
Give us more...Dino llikes that.


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