For me it's when Ah Jai (my 3-month baby boy) jumps forward and crouches down with his butt in the air, smiling all the while. :-D He does it whenever he wants to play. Such a shame I've never been able to capture it with my camera.

Oh, and the lovely head tilt that he does whenever he's confused as to what I just said.

And the way he licks his smiling lips when he sees his food bowl.

I can just go on and on...

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Austin does his version of the kibble dance.  Even though he must sit and wait for his dinner, his little front paws do a little happy dance while he waits for the bowl to be put down.  He even sometimes throws in a yodel.  His song and dance for dinner.
Lol...that's a visual I can't quite wrap my head around...a Corgi waiting for his bowl to be put down. I usually have to pour the food over the snout already in the bowl! I might give your concept a try. :)
Oh yes, he waits for his bowl to be put down and he also has to wait for the okay to eat command.  It is quite funny when I go about my business in the kitchen and turn around and my two dogs are still waiting for me to say okay because I forgot.  They are really good about it and patient.
Ok, I tried making Gracie sit and wait for her dinner this weekend. First time I had to push her back physically as she rushed the bowl as usual. Next time I forgot. Next time, she sat for a bit, then inched toward it. Tonight, we nearly achieved the full wait. She looks at me like I've gone mad. "Why are you keeping me from my dinner?". We'll get there. She waits very patiently when we play 'find it' for a treat in the morning, so I'm very confident. :)

In the morning when I get up Ellie is so excited to see me. She sits there in the kitchen with a big waggy tail, ears back and lots of licks. Its like she's saying " I'm so happy to see you again"! So cute:-)


We also thinks its cute when she has a massive FRAP ha ha..

Lando Oliver does the lifting paw thing and I don't know why.
If I am too slow to pick up and throw the ball, Lilli picks it up and THROWS it at my leg. She will also do this to strangers at the dog park. It is so appealing that most people will obey the corgi, and throw the ball. Her dog park rule is that everyone gets a chance to play with her. And she insists with that ball to the calf!
Definitely the Leg Poke.  It happens when we're inconsiderately sitting at a table, eating something and not sharing with Edison.  Suddenly, we get a definite poke below the knee, which signifies, "Hello?  Starving corgi here!  Just in case you didn't notice my big pleading eyes and rapidly growing drool puddle!"

Caitlyn is always poking her nose into the back of my calf. I find it very endearing. Unfortunately, for her, it still doesn't get me to move how/where she wants! Also, it is tougher to get my attention in the winter.


My absolute favorite is when she is sleepy/drowsy and I say her name. She'll give one little tail flip to acknowledge me while letting me know she is too tired to actually wag.


When I get her to "lie down," she first slaps her front paws forward like she's trying to get at something.  Very cute.


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