For some reason, shed hair is a factor a lot of people consider when they're looking into getting a dog or a cat.  For Corgis in particular, I've seen quite a few people just turn down the prospect of a Corgi because they shed. Most websites say Corgis shed "a lot" or "twice a year" or whatever.  That's all just blatantly false.  Allow me to explain with a picture.

What you see above is a picture of my trash can, which just happens to contain the bowels of my vacuum cleaner.  Not only is the bag absolutely stuffed after, at MOST, 5 uses, there are many dense columns of hair beneath the bag.  That was the hair that was clogging the entire length of the hose.  Five times vacuuming my 900 sq ft apartment resulted in this tragic scene.  Five.  

So, I have to say again, what they say about Corgis shedding just isn't true.  They don't shed "a lot" or "twice a year".  They shed enough to clothe an entire tribe of Inuits for three winters. They shed enough that a single household of Corgis fills 80% of the local landfill space with shed hair.  They shed enough that you will find Corgi hair in your food in a restaurant 400 miles from your home.

Don't believe the hype. Spread the truth TODAY!

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Had to chuckle at this post. When we talked about getting a corgi, we had several folks warn us about the hair. We laughed in their face because our last dog was a Newfoundland. "Bring it on!" was our response!

Our last dog before corgis was a Newfie mix!

We adored our Newfie, but he had bad hips and one bad elbow (in spite of doing all the right checking on certification prior to getting him), so he only made it to 7 years. Bless his heart, he never complained once about all his aches and pains, was just happy go lucky all the time. We still find his hair in the house though! LOL

we loved our Truman boy too. He had bad hips, but even worse ears (chronic infections) he wasn't purebread- a farm dog, but the best boy ever and we got to keep him for 12 years ( though the last couple of years were more for us than him, I think.)
Sam and Gregg are right though, I was just commenting to my husband "at least they don't mat" because If you let the brushing go with Truman during coat blowing for even A COUPLE OF DAYS you were working with terrible mats of fur.

Yes we had horrible problems with mats because in the spring he would get wet and it was almost impossible to comb them out!

I grew up with Newfies and there is no contest......Corgis WIN paws down! We also always had more than one dog at one time, and our one little corgi out sheds them both.  It's probably why Corgis don't get mats.

Corgi shedding is commonly misoverestimated.

At our house, corgi hair is considered to be a condiment.

I almost did not get a Corgi exactly for that reason.  I had a friend who showed and bred Pembrokes and she had cautioned me about that.  When a Cardigan showed up on Petfinder at a local Shelter, I could not resist since I had wanted one for years  and I threw caution to the wind.  The Universe was kind to us and he hardly sheds at all.... He has a good topcoat, but not much undercoat.  Counting my blessings :-)  My Border Collie/ Blue Heeler mix has as much coat as a Sheltir and makes up the difference..

I had a good giggle over this post since we had just swept, vacuumed and emptied the vacuum bag.  I've been furminating Bear and Zoom Grooming him about once a week.  That seems to help quite a bit.  

OK...this made me laugh out loud!  Max, my fluffy, loses it in clumps all over the rugs.  Katie, who has a normal coat, leaves a trail of individual hairs that cover the entire rug causing it to have a white sheen to it.  I'm not sure which is worse...the clumps that I can pick up by hand or the overall spreading of red and white.

We are leaving for vacation in a week, I know I will be taking part of them with me along with cat hair.  They don't want me to miss them too much I guess.

My tricolor sheds less than my red and white. Their coats feel completely different. In any case the shed continuously and especially in the spring. I have the Dyson Animal vac and need to empty the canister each time I vac a room. I thought about getting a Roomba, but that would be pretty silly.


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