For some reason, shed hair is a factor a lot of people consider when they're looking into getting a dog or a cat.  For Corgis in particular, I've seen quite a few people just turn down the prospect of a Corgi because they shed. Most websites say Corgis shed "a lot" or "twice a year" or whatever.  That's all just blatantly false.  Allow me to explain with a picture.

What you see above is a picture of my trash can, which just happens to contain the bowels of my vacuum cleaner.  Not only is the bag absolutely stuffed after, at MOST, 5 uses, there are many dense columns of hair beneath the bag.  That was the hair that was clogging the entire length of the hose.  Five times vacuuming my 900 sq ft apartment resulted in this tragic scene.  Five.  

So, I have to say again, what they say about Corgis shedding just isn't true.  They don't shed "a lot" or "twice a year".  They shed enough to clothe an entire tribe of Inuits for three winters. They shed enough that a single household of Corgis fills 80% of the local landfill space with shed hair.  They shed enough that you will find Corgi hair in your food in a restaurant 400 miles from your home.

Don't believe the hype. Spread the truth TODAY!

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My cardigan sheds a million times worse than my pem lol.

HAHAHAHA your funny!!! i love it

That is a daily thing around here. Dino is not loved any less because of it.

We have a canister vac and a Dust Buster.   Both are used twice a week (vac on one area rug, dust buster on hardwood stairs and edges and corners or rooms).   Both need to be emptied every time they are used, because they are full.

I have seen several sources list Corgis as "moderate" shedders.  I wonder what these sources would consider heavy shedders.  Perhaps a yak.


Write the dates of your vacuum-bag changes on the vacuum.  Reminds you to check.  Important!  Clogged bags burn out the motor.  Burnt-out motors don't suck.

Don't vacuum often.  It's unnecessary.  Excessive vacuuming makes the scant shedding more noticeable.  Once every month or two, whether it needs it or not.

Have a small house; less to clean.  A large house, OTOH, dilutes what little fur a corgi does shed.

Repair tooth damage to the hose with duct tape (it is, in fact, a duct).

SERIOUSLY:  wear good earplugs; almost any vacuum is loud enough to easily damage hearing.  Really.

Potus sheds all year round with a couple of extreme patches of blowing his coat. I spent 6 months overseas and still found his fur on my clothes/laptop and my Mum informs me her desk chairs at work have traces of him too!

This is where I get to sing the praises of the fluffs.  I SWEAR they shed less!  Twinkie will blow a coat a couple times a year but it is nothing compared to my mom's pem, Tator.  My vacuum is still stuffed every time I use it but we don't have the flying hair every time you touch the dog-thing happening.  PS-I know people think they are over-hyped but I LOVE our Dyson Animal vacuum. (We hate commercials featuring the annoying designer though.)

I had a stranger ask me the most random question the other day as I prepared to take my dogs for walk in the park.  I have a sable corgi and a yellow lab/husky mix.  Anyways, this older couple saw my yellowish/red dogs exit the car and asked me how I knew which dog shed the most since both are the same colour.  (My cat, by the way, is also orange).  Well, they both shed, and I can colour coordinate to match easier.  I also always have an added layer of warmth with the fur that lines my clothes.  I think, however, my lab mix sheds much more.  I joke that she doesn't actually have a body, she is just an aura of fur.  My corgi does seem to have seasonal shedding..


my cardi sheds 10 x worse than my pem I just can't vacuum enough, at least 4 times a day to keep up with it SIGH!!!!!!!!!

I am very fortunate that Snickers does not have much of an undercoat, so apparently does not shed as much as the average corgi. I am guessing my two soft coated dogs shed more because of the floating drifts of fur in the corners, but maybe the corgi fur is just hiding in the carpet and so is not as noticable. I am currently only vacuuming once a week. I see responses here that vary from 6 times a day to once every 6 months (yes I know you are kidding :). Quite a range!

Rachael (and Waffle!)

You made my day with this post! Hilarious!


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