For some reason, shed hair is a factor a lot of people consider when they're looking into getting a dog or a cat.  For Corgis in particular, I've seen quite a few people just turn down the prospect of a Corgi because they shed. Most websites say Corgis shed "a lot" or "twice a year" or whatever.  That's all just blatantly false.  Allow me to explain with a picture.

What you see above is a picture of my trash can, which just happens to contain the bowels of my vacuum cleaner.  Not only is the bag absolutely stuffed after, at MOST, 5 uses, there are many dense columns of hair beneath the bag.  That was the hair that was clogging the entire length of the hose.  Five times vacuuming my 900 sq ft apartment resulted in this tragic scene.  Five.  

So, I have to say again, what they say about Corgis shedding just isn't true.  They don't shed "a lot" or "twice a year".  They shed enough to clothe an entire tribe of Inuits for three winters. They shed enough that a single household of Corgis fills 80% of the local landfill space with shed hair.  They shed enough that you will find Corgi hair in your food in a restaurant 400 miles from your home.

Don't believe the hype. Spread the truth TODAY!

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with three dogs (only one of which is a corgi) and two cats (neither of which is a corgi, LOL) there is fur everywhere. It gathers along baseboards and in the corners of the stairs. I like to use the hose attachment of my vacuum and suck those little fur tumbleweeds right up. I like to make believe I'm a ghostbuster. Who you gonna call?

After reading this, vacuuming will never be the same in my house!  lol!!!

I got three Pems.  Imagine the losing battle and what it has taught me as a control freak.  Lint rollers, snatching a tuft as it rolls by and ignoring small hair balls until they become something worth chasing.....   Sometimes I even walk on by. 

This has made My day!!HAHAHAHA!!What a great post!!Unless You're owned by a corgi,You just don't understand!!My Dyson gets a workout at least 2xs a week and should be more if I were  brutally truthful.We switched from corgis to boxers about 15 years ago (yeah,I know,We came back),and then We were chasing down slobber/drool on everything!!Owning a dog of any kind,keep Us all from being "too sterile".Gotta love them all!!!

Amen, you said it!  I have a big dirtdevil with a bag and a small bagless.  I only use the big one in the bedroom because it is the only room with carpeting.  I just took the bag out the other day and it looked just like that!!!   "Shed" is just not sufficient, there should be a new word invented for how Corgis lose hair.  

5 times?! haha, Our Dyson gets a butt-whipping every time we vacuum if we don't do it for a day/two. We try to vacuum once a day and  de-fur the Corgis a few days a week, at least. 

After raising Keeshonds and Bassets. We went to hardwoosfloors and leathercouch andchairs. Our two pems dDo shed twice a year and each last 6 months. Wesweep, dust mop, vac everyday and collect a 8pound dogeverytime. Corgi owners wear their corgi's with pride. You are correct food never seems just right with some corgi. I don't care, they are the Best kids i've everhad.
Rachael, you made me giggle... Inuits. Lol, maybe we Corgi owners have a possible business venturing in that?

Well, when we got Maddie she was intact and had been bred (show breeder) and she shed nonstop from the time we got her til we had her spayed a few months later.  Then she blew coat like I've never seen in my life after the spay;  she looked like a rat with mange!   

I don't know about the "outside" thing because very few people kennel their dogs outside, but considering humans shed about 100 hairs per day and we mostly only have meaningful amounts of hair on our head.... well, I just think that dogs will lose hair year-round regardless.   

Love it! So true.

I also went to a canister vac for this reason. One vacuuming fills it up.

One time we were camping and an older couple walked by with a corgi. She was a rescue and they hadn't had her long. They stopped to chat, and asked us "do yours shed?" my husband and I broke out with simultaneous, loud, BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH's.

I too am forced to ignore the small tumbleweeds.

Yes, tumble weed is a normal sight, we even get the tumble weed at the lobby of our building (we live in a high rise)!


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