For some reason, shed hair is a factor a lot of people consider when they're looking into getting a dog or a cat.  For Corgis in particular, I've seen quite a few people just turn down the prospect of a Corgi because they shed. Most websites say Corgis shed "a lot" or "twice a year" or whatever.  That's all just blatantly false.  Allow me to explain with a picture.

What you see above is a picture of my trash can, which just happens to contain the bowels of my vacuum cleaner.  Not only is the bag absolutely stuffed after, at MOST, 5 uses, there are many dense columns of hair beneath the bag.  That was the hair that was clogging the entire length of the hose.  Five times vacuuming my 900 sq ft apartment resulted in this tragic scene.  Five.  

So, I have to say again, what they say about Corgis shedding just isn't true.  They don't shed "a lot" or "twice a year".  They shed enough to clothe an entire tribe of Inuits for three winters. They shed enough that a single household of Corgis fills 80% of the local landfill space with shed hair.  They shed enough that you will find Corgi hair in your food in a restaurant 400 miles from your home.

Don't believe the hype. Spread the truth TODAY!

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Hilarious and accurate. My favorite is vacuuming under the couch cushions. I really believe my corgis thought they could hide their fur there as part of their master plan to build more corgis.

LOL... Love it!  They will start their own corgi empire!  I think they are trying to turn us into corgis by feeding us their fur, as well.

I have just been reading all the replies, it has me chuckling to myself,my wife and I had hardwood installed in most of the house thinking it would be easier to keep clean,yes and no, now the fur has a nice smooth surface to travel throughout the house upon,said fur ends up absolutely everywhere even in rarely used closets, in England we used to call our sweaters "cardigans" I am starting to realize where they got the "wool" to knit our cardigans,hmmm.We have a built-in vac. system I have learned not to let it go more than a couple of months without emptying, I made the mistake of letting it go for about 6 months. once, when I pulled off the 5gal. canister ,oh my,the hair expanded, it overflowed my garbage bag,then the furnace kicked in, the fan came on and all the spilled hair started blowing all over, I looked behind me and there was my little chucky(r.i.p.little bud), with his corgi smile! Corgi owners take it in stride,I love my dogs and I do know how to clean up, and yes Benson both sheds and shreds,gonna take a lesson from John w and keep Ben away from my tax return!!

Tri colour corgis don't shed a much as the rest and its because they have a double thickness coat one waterproof and one for heat retention or exclusion that causes the shedding!! I do believe its twice a year for each coat....................................... so in actual fact its really all year around!!!! :)

Hoover your corgis!!! as well as the house works really well!!! And they will love it mine do!!! :)

I think I will go ahead and take this moment to brag about having one of the only corgis who doesn't shed! (well not much anyway!) I can go at least two weeks before I need to empty the canister and no brushing needed! Even with this apparent lack of shedding I am constantly finding corgi hair in my food though....I think Franklin plants it there when I'm not looking so I will feel like a real corgi owner. 

I would almost say that I'm lucky, since Lloyd has yet to shed in the 6 months we've had him, but he's a cardi mix (guesses are beagle, spaniel, or maybe Australian shepherd?) and doesn't seem to have the double coat.

Unlucky, though, because our big black Shepherd mix, Sammy, sheds like a maniac, and our beige carpet is perpetually gray. Our "Pet Hair Eraser" vacuum needs to have the canister emptied about half a dozen times just to vacuum the living room!

Fingers crossed that Lloyd doesn't blow out his boat, but at least I'm long since used to finding fuzzballs on my clothes in the morning :)

I was happy to jump at the chance to purchase daily contacts.  It was quite a chore to clean my contacts and try to get them in without Corgi hair on them.  Also my stick vacuum has side air vents, and the first time I turned it on I could see  the hair being blown up off the floor and up the walls into the air OMG!  So I split a water bottle and taped it to the sides so the vacuum vents straight up.  Now it just blows the hair off the shades and window frames which is handy.  Oh one more thing...our air return for the air conditioner is on the floor, can you imagine what the filter looks like?  I fear potlucks; they wouldn't understand!

It does seem do be a skill to get at least a single hair in all my food. Even the things I "just" opened.

They blow their coat twice a year, preparing for new seasons.  Yes, they're hairy little furbeasts but I still wouldn't have it any other way!  

Ohhh it's so horrible! I find hair everywhere! I have long eye lashes it always sticks to my eyes, takes hrs to find! Our furniture is horrible, we bathe him about every 2 weeks it does nothing.. I just wish it wasnt so much, I like taking tazz on car rides, but don't find myself doing it much, my car looks like a fur coat. :/ 

Bathing that often may be making the shedding worse. Sidney only gets a bath a couple times a year. Try bathing less often and adding some skin/coat supplement to his food, see if that helps.

I have to bath my two more often because  of the mud and dirt in our back yd. Also as a therapy dog  Frankie will have to have a bath each time he goes for a visit in the hospital. So were using conditioning shampoo and con..  brushing daily will reduce the shedding .


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