Jack wanted to play and was able to nab my cell phone out of my purse and ran into the backyard.  I was soon able to trade the phone for a toy and while walking back in, it rang.  I was totally surprised when the caller identified herself as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. I told the dispatcher what had happened and she apparently believed me.  Maybe it was the doggie noises?

So let it be known that I've been reported to the po-po by my pup-pup!

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I'm sure they get butt-dialed a lot so a corgi-dial is no problem.

lol  too funny

Ii believe it! lol

I did that once by mistake in a hotel room, unaware that I had pushed that button on the phone while trying to figure out how to call the lobby.  In two minutes the police had been summoned and were banging at the door.  I was soooooo embarrassed!

I was expecting the police to show up at the door - even called the neighbors to let them know they might and why....anyway, maybe Jack's slobbering dog breathing convinced the dispatcher I was telling the truth!  Ha, ha - yes, it is embarrassing!


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