I've tried to find other posts about it and have found varying opinions.

When I bring home my puppy in November I am planning on her having limited outings and contact with other dogs until she is fully vaccinated.

Some say to socialize immediately, others say wait until the pup is fully vaccinated. Which school of thought do you follow? (She will be coming to me at 8 weeks old)

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Personally, the sooner the better and with consistency. Some, not all, breeders only have so much time to get their litters socialized in outside environments. My male has turned out beautifully, my mothers dog however could have been homed earlier than 12/13 wks because her social skills are horrible (also inconsistency on my moms part).
Are you worried more about socializing with other dogs or the people and different sights aspect?
Honestly, I want my pup exposed to everything. I work at a pet store where the puppy would be welcomed. So I would like her to be used to strangers, cats, dogs, rats, birds, reptiles, large crowds. The whole 9 yards. I just don't want to risk exposing her to anything harmful... I have a 4 year old cat at home and some pet rats as well.
When I took my boy home I stopped at a Petco on the way home, he had his harness on and a leash. I began right there; letting him walk on his own through the store and get used to the feel of the harness and very light if any at all leash tugs. People thought he was a guinea pig on a leash lol! Granted I took him home at 6 weeks, which some do not recommend and hardly anyone allows anymore for good reasons, his human and other critter interactions are very good. I took him to work with me too and I worked as a car detailer then, so he had a crate for when I wants him in it and a play pen for exercise and to keep out of anything hazardous.
Never had a problem with sickness, but all dogs vary on their immunity level and predisposition I would assume. He's going on 10 years old now and healthy as a horse, even just recently flew him from Minneapolis to Nome Alaska.
That's adorable that people thought your pup was a guinea pig! She will be carried win with me to a pet co or petsmart to find her perfect collar and leash and for her to personally pick a few toys. I don't plan on setting her down though. Where I live there are a pretty good number of parvo outbreaks, so that's part of why I'm going to be a little more cautious.

I would wait until she has all her Parvo vaccinations before having her anywhere there have been dogs you don't know well. She can be socialized right away with people. I think it would be better if she stayed with the breeder until she is 10 weeks. 8 weeks is considered very young now days.

Is socializing with some if my friends puppies that are UTD on shots okay? I understand the logic for wanting the breeder to hold on to the pup. I like the idea of being there from the very start.

I would begin socialization immediately but with some limitations. I would not take her anywhere where there are a lot of dogs you don't know, such as dog parks, pet stores, etc until she's at least had his second round of shots. You can still do lots of socializing with people and dogs you know that are well behaved and vaccinated.

Alright that sounds perfect. I know a lot of well behaved dogs and many different types of people. I can't wait for the socialization to being! Can it just be November already?

I agree with the others on limiting some due shot status.
I only have my phone so I'm not sure if people have suggested that noises, things also need to happen now. Vacumns, radios,boxes all items and noises. Kids adults people with crutches and wheelchairs. The more they see and hear right now the better. You might have to start. Slow

I completely agree and understand. I need her to get used to the other animals in my house as well. I don't have a lot of visitors, but I would like for her to go places with me frequently (dog friendly of course).

I also recommend socialization from day one ( keeping in mind they still tire quickly and still need lots of sleep at 8 wks), however you are a special case because you not only work at a pet shop, but you also throw up a serious red flag: a lot of Parvo in your area.  You need to be very careful, while still giving the needed socialization.  Start with just people coming over to see the pup, then start taking the pup for short rides in the car and short walks in places where not a lot of dogs go, like a quiet side street in a residential area.  Don't worry about socialization to dogs, that can come later.  Socialization to people, things, places comes first and cannot be put off too long.  DO NOT TAKE HIM TO WORK AT THE PET SHOP.  The fact Katy was lucky may not apply to you....  Since Parvo is carried on the soles of the shoes,  I would keep a pair of shoes for work only and keep a change in the car for going home.  I would do this until he gets his final vaccinations and also I would wash my hands as soon as I get home from work before interacting with my pup.  Discuss the Parvo issue in your area with your Vet.



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