Hello friends,

So recently I noticed that when I scratch Yoshi's back and neck, I feel these little lumps and when I inspect further, they look like... clumps of something? They're hard clumps and feel like scabs but they're white. It's on the base of his hair, not on his skin, I think. It's always dry, I don't see any puss or anything like that. I'm assuming it's allergies and am going to change his food. Just wondering if anyone's ever had this before?

I also want to note that his behavior is the same and he doesn't seem to be itchy or anything either.

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Does it come out when you brush him?  Looks like it could be dry skin..dander.  Is he a fluffy?  I ask because Max is and he does have a tendency to get dry skin. 

If you want to be sure what it is then a trip to the vet would be a good idea. 

Well, after I saw the clumps I haven't brushed him because I'm scared it would hurt him. Sometimes I try to gently pull out the clump, but since the clump is stuck to his loose hair as well as his intact hair, it pulls at his skin so I stopped doing that. He is not a fluffy. I will take him to the vet if the clumps are still there after I switch his food.

Lisa...if they are stuck and pulling on his fur & skin I would suggest taking him to the vet.  Maybe someone else on here knows what it is but I've never seen it before and I've had dogs all my life from mutts to purebreds.  Better to shake your head after the vet tells you it's nothing.

Max gets dry skin in the winter and gets flaky but it's not stuck to his fur, it brushes out.

My chihuahua has the same thing it's at the base of his fur and its clumps of dead skin that are still attached to the hair. I give him coconut oil in his food and it helps a lot.

Thanks Linda and Elizabeth for your advice!  =)

I started giving Max fish oil supplements this winter and it made a huge difference in his skin.  It's also suppose to help manage with "normal" shedding...not that corgis shed normally.  I started giving it to Katie also.  I have seen a difference in both dogs as far as the shedding goes.  More a normal amount of fur for an average dog but less than what I am use to in corgis.


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