First of all, I would not do anything to be unfair to my current girl or my future dog. But I do want to share my feelings of seeing this rare beautiful corgi and hoping for some thoughts or suggestions you guys might have.

I have been thinking about having a second corgi. Since my first one is almost one and I need to be prepared for the second one, breeder, my working schedule, waiting time and everything else, I have been doing some search online. I was thinking about Blue Merle Cardigan.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend is going to another city for jobs, I came out an idea to search for a corgi in his area.Then I found this almost white female corgi there (see pictures below).

I felt in love with her immediately. However, I do have concerns:

1. It is female --- My current one is a female. And most of people in this site says two females will be the worst combination a dog owner could face.

2. Why the color is so white, only a little light fawn...Will any health issues associated with it?

She is 5 months old now. So I don't need to worry about the potty training (if the breeder has done his/her job), which will perfect for my working schedule. I have contacted the breeder for more info regarding potty training, socialization and else.

Here are the pics:

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It doesn't look like she is a true white (albino) so you shouldn't have to worry too much about health concerns with her coloration. Her nose is still black pigmented and she has dark pigmenation around her eyes. Sometimes with the albino or pink skinned dogs you will have more skin problems, deafness, blindness, etc but this doesn't look like the case with her.

I am sure many on here will say its not the gender of the dog, but the temperament of the dog when it comes to how well it fits into your house. In my experience two females are much more likely to fight but this is mostly (also in my experience) due to the fact that the females tend to be dominant. If you have one dominant and one submissive or two submissive females there shouldn't be an issue.

Based on the pictures of the puppy's environment I am doubtful that she is potty trained. I know pictures can be deceiving but it looks as if they have the puppies outside, not sure how long they are kept out there or anything but it kind of looks like there are pee spots behind her which makes me wonder if they are out there full time. Definately make sure to ask about how the puppies were raised and to go meet the puppy and (if possible) maybe even ask for a trial period to make sure she fits well in your home. Do you know why they still have her at this age?

I would be one of the people who argue that temperament is more important than gender. We have two girls, and no problems.

I know more than one person with two females with no problems.  The fact remains, though, that just about every time in real life and on this forum that people have had two dogs that hated each other so much they could not be left together at all for fear they would kill each other, it was either two females OR two intact males of similar age.

I've met a pretty large number of female dogs who just don't tolerate other female dogs.  The posters first dog is not even one year old so this tendency, if it is to develop, would likely not have developed yet.

I should add that in many cases two females will get along ok, but for some reason it seems that once they have had a fight, they are more likely to be out to literally kill each other than just squabble to resolve the issue at hand.   My guess is it has something to do with maternal instincts, even if there are no puppies around at the time.

Thanks so much for answering my health concern! It is really good to know that the girl is healthy:-)
If you look carefully, she's a normal patterned fawn pup with white markings. The fawn is just really pale. I would guess it's a rate recessive; I've seen some pics but not many with this coloring.

I would be very cautious of two females so close in age. Don't make a quick decision just because she's an odd color.
Looks to me like she has a thin white blaze, white socks, and a white chest and collar with the rest fawn, I should add. No excessive white that I can see. She is probably genetically a red dog. A similar gene to the one that makes some yellow labs cream may be in play.

I agree with Melissa, it is the dogs temperment not the gender. I have 4 females in my house, they are all spayed and never have had a fight between them, on the other hand my 2 neutered males tend to have a flair up on occasion. I would definately get them together if possible before hand to make sure they are compatable.

This is what the breeder replied:
"The color comes from her sire, he is a light red that has this fawn color behind him.  This is my second litter from him, from the first I am holding onto a fawn that is a couple months older than the pup you inquired about.  I want to see how they mature.  There is no health risk associated witht he color that I've ever heard of.  Just not a desirable color in the show ring.  And its not a dominant color so it does not pop up much.
She is healthy and a sweet girl.  Raised on a farm kennel with house time.  They have been out and about travelling to a couple dog shows with me this summer, and also come to my grooming shop.  She is friendly with people and other dogs.  I do have a couple cardigan puppies that are a couple months older and just discovered that one of the older pups has been picking on the younger ones out in the yard while I'm not around.  So seperated tha bad one.  This girl is not overly dominant, but will guard her food in her crate.  They sleep and travel in crates, and are fed supper in their crates.  She is very used to ther dogs.  Two females can get along nicely, preferably if both are spayed.  Girls do tend to be more territorial.  But your girl is still young so if she is good with other dogs she should accept a female puppy as a companion."

Personally, my female is more submissive than my male and would probably get along with anyone.  My male gets along with most dogs and would do well with another submissive male, but NOT with another dominant male. Remember, how they are outside the house is not at all the same as how they may be inside the house.  For instance, Jack can happily share found food or dropped food with anyone, but will guard his OWN food dish or a favorite toy.  Maddie will allow Jack to take something right from her mouth, but outside chasing thrown toys she is intent and does not necessarily back off.   So you have to know your dog well.  

I would not myself want to dogs of similar age and the same sex.   These two are only about six months apart in age.  That means there is no natural pecking order and they will try to establish one.  If both dogs would normally want to occupy the same rung of the ladder, OR they just tend to get cranky, there could be trouble.

If you are a very experienced dog owner, it can be managed.  Breeders and people who do dog sports manage it all the time BUT they are also willing to have multiple dogs who live totally segregated lives and rehome when necessary.  Most pet owners like you and I don't want to face that possibility.  And since your girl is not yet one, you really don't know her adult personality yet.  Jack was always 100% with every dog he met until he hit about three or so, then he stopped taking crap from anyone.  He's still easy-going and gets along with most dogs, but if a dog up to about 50 pounds gives him lip, he is not backing down because he thinks he's boss dog.   I certainly saw inklings of that when he was a puppy, but then he was more "happy-go-lucky" and now he definitely is much less tolerant of rude behavior from other dogs.  

Maddie is generally very submissive and if she has a confrontation with a male she always backs down.  She's had more than one argument with another female dog, especially if that dog is around her size.   

Thanks Beth for all these insight! They are really helpful!

WOW she's ADORABLE! I would snatch her up if I were able to have another dog, and if she were a boy hehe. But I think that it matters more so on the personalities of the two individual's as opposed to the sexes of the dogs:)


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