First of all, I would not do anything to be unfair to my current girl or my future dog. But I do want to share my feelings of seeing this rare beautiful corgi and hoping for some thoughts or suggestions you guys might have.

I have been thinking about having a second corgi. Since my first one is almost one and I need to be prepared for the second one, breeder, my working schedule, waiting time and everything else, I have been doing some search online. I was thinking about Blue Merle Cardigan.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend is going to another city for jobs, I came out an idea to search for a corgi in his area.Then I found this almost white female corgi there (see pictures below).

I felt in love with her immediately. However, I do have concerns:

1. It is female --- My current one is a female. And most of people in this site says two females will be the worst combination a dog owner could face.

2. Why the color is so white, only a little light fawn...Will any health issues associated with it?

She is 5 months old now. So I don't need to worry about the potty training (if the breeder has done his/her job), which will perfect for my working schedule. I have contacted the breeder for more info regarding potty training, socialization and else.

Here are the pics:

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I personally always prefer female dogs over male, since we have female dogs with the family all the time and I like their smooth belly (sorry boys...). That's why my current dog, the first one I own by myself, is a female. And I love her to death.

I totally agree that the temperament also plays an important role in dogs' relationship/rank. I know my girl and have seen her play with other dogs. She is not submissive to every dog. She loves to play with female though, but who knows how it will develop later. And just as Beth pointed out, I cannot tell her "true color" till she gets older. I honestly couldn't handle myself if I need to rehome the dog I pick. It is heart broken and unfair to the dog because of a rush idea. Even if the breeder might like to take it back if it doesn't work, it is still 3 hours fly + 3 hours driving b/w us. Too much for a little cute dog...

Thank you all for the information! I LOVE THIS SITE!

98% I am gonna leave it (allows me 2% to think of her). I think I am going to search for some local or nearby breeders and get ready for the second one when my DouBao reaches at least 1.5 - 2 years old.

I am glad to have the light fawn corgi pics posted here --- at least I've shared her precious face with our corgi family :-)

I think you are making a wise decision. She is quite adorable but it might be a better match to look for a local breeder that you can talk with more directly. Also a great idea to wait until DouBao is a little older. Its morbid to think about, but I always consider what it will be like when the end of their lives come, how if you had 2 dogs very close in age it likely means you will also lose them right about the same time. I have seen this time and again with people who have littermates and or have 2 dogs 3-6 months apart. Its heartbreaking to see. I know getting them a few/several years apart isn't a sure thing but I feel like you are more likely to have the younger one to help you through the loss of the older dog. My dogs have always been about 4-6 years apart growing up and it really did help ease the pain of the loss of a beloved dog. It also gives you more time to really bond with your first dog and cement the training you have worked so hard with. Introducing a new puppy too soon can mean that all your current dogs bad behaviors can come back (i.e. potty training issues, chewing issues, etc.). If you wait until they are older and their behavior is more consistent, your older dog can act as a teacher to your yonger dog and not so much as partner in crime :-)

It sounds like you have a very good plan.   :-)     She IS striking;  I really do like the light fawn color.

First of all,  what a beautul girl!!  I have never seen one like that before!


I had a female corgi.  I recently lost her to cancer, but my experience has been the females are the alpha dogs in the herding breeds.  I rescued a female  heeler when Annie was about 6 or so and it was a disaster.  The fights were horrible.  The last fight they had the heeler bit Annie on the neck and left a good gaping wound.  When I picked Anne up to break it up, the heeler jumped on me an latched on to my arm,  giving me some bad wounds.  We found a good home for the heeler and got a male corgi.  They got along better but Annie was still very aggresive to him.  Annie passed away in July and I was presented the opportunity to adopt Gryffin, an abused male rescue.  I have to say my male corgi Jake and new Gryffin get along very well.  I dont know if Annie just had an unusually aggresive personality, but I have heard 2 females can cause problems.  I dont want to make it sound like Annie was terrible.  She was  so sweet with people and children. I loved her so much and losing her was very devastating.  Good luck with your decision and I hope all goes well.

Oh my word she is gorgeous!

Did you end up getting her? We have two, a brother and sister, who get along terrific. When Timbit turned one we got Gwenie as his birthday gift. Best thing we could have done!

I have a male and a female and Katie is definitely bossier than Max.  I've never had 2 females at the same time.  Either one of each or 2 males.  My neutered males would get into it at times with the smaller mutt being dominate over the Irish Wolfhound.


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