We got our little Corgi, Toast, a month or so ago. She is generally independent when we take her to new places; she'll explore on her own and we're always chasing her down. However, in our apartment, she follows us everywhere. If you roll over on the bed she'll crawl over to the other side. If you get up to go in to the kitchen, she follows you. What's most noticeable is how she'll drop whatever she's doing - even if it's playing with someone - to follow a person in to the potty. Why is this? She doesn't even watch you! She just goes and sits next to you while you do your business and then wanders out when you're done and leave as well. 

It's not bothersome at all... I'm just curious as to what the hell the reason behind it is. 

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Because Corgis are planning world domination one household at a time.
I love this concept...wouldn't it be a wonderful world :)
hehe with the help of their short little legs and picture perfect smiles...it's possible.
Archie does this too, and will follow whoever is leaving the room, even if there are others in the room at the time....I am sure he thinks we might be going to get him something nice to eat and he cannot risk the chance of missing it !
Soren follows me everywhere in the house and I love it. Except when he follows me to the bathroom - but I don't really even mind that. Soren also hates baths, but likes to monitor my activities when I take one and often gets his face wet in the process.

He's even pretty good at checking in when we're outside. We went to the dog park for the first time last week and he would make time to run around my legs whenever he was in the vicinity.
Ella follows me everywhere. I swear she sleeps with both eyes open and her ears tilted towards me. I have tried sneaking away from her and she always jumps up to follow. If I am taking a shower she has to push the door open just enough to make sure I am still there. If I leave her to run errands she freaks out and whines the whole time I am gone according to my roommates. What I don't get is if I take her with me and have her wait in the Jeep she is just fine. She's been doing this since I rescued her 2 years ago.


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