why must corgis get fat on air? And also a plea from Frankie's mom! :-P

Franklin went in for his annual exam about a week ago and the vet told me he was 3 to 4 pounds overweight. I knew this was coming but it is still so sad to hear your dog is fat. Especially Franklin who used to be REALLY hard to keep weight on! Currently he is getting 1/2 cup per day of kibble and 1/4 cup a day of peas. I give him 2 canine carryout treats a day broken up in his kong genius when I leave the house. I also mixed his kibble half and half with a light food for added weight loss. He gets two walks a day, both with off leash time playing fetch and both right around 1/2 hour. I feel so guilty decreasing his food more because I feel like he is already getting so little, what are some of your guys' ideas for some tasty weight loss treats and/or substitutions for some of his kibble? He doesnt' like green beans but he loves the peas.



And on a not corgi related note, a local radio station is having a pet costume contest to win a trip to Disneyland, I didn't know it was a voting contest when I entered so I entered a picture of my horse from a barn Halloween party, I would greatly appreciate your guys' votes! She is the farmer horse. Had I known it was a voting contest I would have entered Franklin so I could have the support of all of corgi nation! :-D You can sign in to vote using your facebook account. I would be forever greatful. I so need a vacation right now, work has been horrible lately and Frank is the only thing keeping me sane! Here is the link:



Thanks for any food advice and support!

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Haha, I think we all do!  XD

YES.  Only *after* bringing Mishka home did I find out I picked a dog breed that has my same metabolism - we're both "easy keepers".  At least I can commiserate with him over the tiny portions.

Hi! My Alie never went overweight, actually people said she was TOO SKINNY!! It's not true. She is now 9 yrs old and weigh 21 lb. Corgis in general tend to be overweight somehow. I don't give her nothing from a table, only vegetables. Her main treat has been baby carrots since she was a puppy. I've always fed her right amount of premium food, half cup X 2 per day and a treat when I'd had left home. Whenever I am home she gets veges. She seems to be always "wanna eat more mood" but I follow an instruction. Don't feel bad even though you have to reduce amount of food!! I believe it's our responsibility to keep them healthy, eventually for them. Be tough!!! :)  Btw your pics are all beautiful, and he doesn't look overweight at all!!

I think it's all about doggy metabolism.  Some dogs might have a slower metabolism and would burn calories slower. Don't know for sure, but I suspect.   I wouldn't reduce the kibble...1/2 cup seems such a small amount. :-(

I give Murray a wide variety of veggies, both fresh and frozen.  I give him the frozen ones straight from the freezer...he seems to enjoy the crunch.  He won't touch canned green beans, but loves frozen...also broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, squash, Brussel sprouts, you name it.  How about getting him a tread mill?  Agility is also great exercise.

I try to exercise him a lot, I rollerblade with him at night and we do walks with off leash time and fetch in the am. I have added carrots to his veggies, so he gets carrots and less frozen peas with his meals. He seems to like the carrots. He hates green beans unless I mash them up but i think part of the appeal with those veggies is they are hard to digest, so if I make them easier to digest seems like it defeats the purpose. Lol. I'd love to get him a treadmill! I have to settle for lunging him indoors with my horses lunge whip lol

Skip the treats and try a lower calorie food. 

I haven't given hiim treats in a while. Ran out of the bag and now just give his dental kibble that he gets am and pm as the treats instead. He is on a lower calorie food already, can't go much lower without buying a prescription diet.


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