I've went through some of the forum, but not finding what I'm looking for, quite...

Bugsy is almost 2, so this is his 2nd winter and he hasn't had this problem before. He is quite itchy. I'm thinking it just might be that it's really dry this year. We live up high in the mountains of Colorado (9,000 ft) so no fleas here. His diet is mainly raw & some Orijen (fish formula). I have been supplementing with salmon, codliver, & avocado oils, which has decreased shedding tremendously & his coat is thick & gorgeous! But he is still itchy. No red blotches, no dry flaky stuff... the only things I can come up with is adding some yoghurt to his food & he's not getting outside enough? We walk twice a day for quite a bit, but he's home (lounging) while I'm at work all day. Last winter we had another person in the house so he was out more is the only difference.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Peggy, turn on the humidifier :)

thanks Sam. I was thinking I might need to get one... maybe 2!

Ok 3 weeks with a humidifier and sometimes also a vaporizer - no difference.

So I changed his bed in his crate (he lays there during the day) & last night I bathed him in baking soda & water, followed by a diluted cider vinegar rinse. I'm thinking this might have helped. I didn't get his "under carriage" as well & he was still itchy on his belly, but I noticed he wasn't biting & scratching as much last night. Still not seeing any red or pink spots or flaky skin.

He sure loves to play in the tub! I hope I didn't ruin one of his favourite games by actually bathing him... (he was not too pleased about the whole shower nozzle part)

 We also live in Colorado at 7,250 feet.  We run a humidifier all winter long.  Another thought is:  does he get into salt, or anything put down for de-icing.  This can especially affect his feet and undercarriage.

Thanks Anna!! Our walks are mainly out in the "rough". There are no salted areas. He didn't have this problem last year. I just feel so bad for him :( I guess I'm gonna have to call the vet next & see what she thinks...

This probably does not apply to you, but here goes,  just in case. I had left my Corgi with a petsitter for two weeks, put flea protection on him to be on the safe side and when I got him back he was scratching and biting himself.  I even wrote a post on the Forum, wondering if it could be fleas. It turned out to be tiny grass seeds in his coat, not even many.  Feel carefully through his coat for any seeds. Worth a try -

well, he runs through grass in the summer. Everything is covered in show rt now :D I washed him with baking soda & water, followed by a cider vinegar rinse. Still itchy, but very handsome.

Our 'Mione girl gets the itchies. Oatmeal shampoo with a mitt (kind with nubs) once every couple of weeks seems to help. We feed TOTW salmon because it seems to help her too.

THANK YOU!! I will try this. I feed Orijen fish & I add salmon & cod liver oils. (usually I feed raw though) I don't use TOTW anymore as it has canola oil in it (I won't eat canola oil). I was gone for 2 days & the "sitter" let the humidifier go dry & now he's itchier! I will definately try the oatmeal bath!

I think the mitt helps because it gets all the way down under the double coat......good luck!

Excessive amounts of Vitamins A and D can cause itchiness... maybe cut back or cut out the liver oil and see if he improves?  

Thanks Rachel!! I will try this too. I bet this was part of the problem...


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