Bella has had several ear problems this last 6 months and I just took her in again a few weeks ago to see what I could do...again. the vet recommended the special ear wash I have that they have antibiotics and a cortisone to. She seems better but still shakes her ears once in awhile. I decided to try something different now that it is better. I am cleaning the outer ear with Witch Hazel by wiping it with a gauze pad. She tolerates this so much better. Have you used this and has it helped?

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I have always cleaned my dogs ears with alochol. Never tried witch hazel, but it should clean them just as well.

Did the vet give any indication what's causing the problem?  Max has a terrible time with his ears from allergies but that's in the summer.

Jane, I use Witch Hazel on Buddha and on myself :)I don't squirt any into the ear Cana
I just gently clean the outer ear just as you were doing. He definitely tolerates it better than the other stuff.

Jane- I use Zymox on my dogs ears.  You can get it on AWESOME.  It has natural stuff in it that kills bacteria, yeast, etc...  Jackson had a really bad yeast infection one time, and the stuff the vet was giving us wasn't cutting it.  Plus he cried every time I put it in, so I'm pretty sure it burned.  He didn't mind this stuff at all, and in 5 days it was completely cleared up.

I have a dog right now I am using it on for a yeast infection...I swear by the stuff.  Plus its not that expensive.  :-)

Thanks Jennifer and Katy!


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