Mochi has some torn up paws due to her escape tatctics at my sister-in-law's back yard on Sunday. She is fine and wasn't hit by any cars but the vet we took her told us since Corgi's legs are so sort that it's hard to keep the dressings on the front paws. Which we have had experience already. They keep falling off. I need to keep them sterile and wrapped for 3-5 days according to the vet but no matter how we try to wrap I can't keep the dressing on. Has anyone had experience with this or have any tips on how to keep the dressings on the paws? 

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Try some toddler socks and tape the tops of the socks to her fur. Regular adhesive tape should work.

It might pull a bit when the tape comes off but looks like that is the least of her worries!!

When I needed to keep Franklin's front paw covered when his paw pads sloughed (he broke his paw and the splint was put on too tight so his paw pads all died off), I wrapped the paws with gauze and vet wrap then put a bootie over the top. The bootie did a good job of holding everything in place. It was just a super cheapie felt sock type boot with an elastic strap to keep it in place. When we go camping in the sierras (which are a lot of rough granite) he wears down his pads and I put on his booties. 

I had this with Sparty when he had a cancerous toe removed and the baby socks with athletic tape around the top worked the best, However, he still needed to wear the cone of shame when I couldn't watch him closely. I found the soft cone worked the best and seemed the most comfortable for him.

Thanks for the suggestions, right now on top of the vet wrapping, i have her wear baby socks around the house with the grip on the bottom since we have hard wood floors, don't need to add hip issues on top on her paws! and for out side i bought some rain booties from the pet store that she wears so the wrapping and everything doesn't get wet. It's been a day and so far nothing has come off! 

Cute socks!


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