Today at work I had taken Wynn out and returned through the garage. It was still dark and I never thought of the outside garage steps. All of a sudden I heard...thump...thump...thump...and realized he must have walked in and gotten too close to the steps. He was standing at the bottom and I carried him up. No signs of any injuries but tonight he didn't want to go down the steps. Anything I should watch for other than the obvious signs of injury?

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Oh NO!!! I don't know of anything specific to watch out for, but I will keep you guys in my thoughts. Poor baby!! Hope everything is okay.

OMG......hope Wynn is ok!!!!  Did Wynn have previous back issues before this?   I soooo hope Wynn is ok!!!

Thanks Nat...he had what the vet thought was a pinched nerve a while back and so I will be checking for that too. So far he is climbing into the car on the floor but that is usual for him to do.

Poor guy!  :(       I would palpate using fairly firm pressure all over, and especially up and down his spine, to make sure he doesn't have sore spots.

Also, have someone trot him (not walk or run, but definite steady jog) back and forth in front of you on a leash to make sure he's gaiting properly.   Watch him from both sides, and also coming and going directly towards you and away from you.    Watch for any shortening of stride (moving shorter on one side than the other) or head-bobbing when one leg reaches forward.  Any discomfort in his body will usually show up in his stride.  Check him now and again in a couple days, since bruising sometimes takes a day or two to cause soreness.  

When Jack had a crash in agility class I trotted him out to make sure he was ok, and people looked at me like I was bizarre.   It's one of the first things you learn in the horse world but for some reason not something that isn't really done much in the dog world.  It's probably the original reason behind show-ring gaiting, though it's not widely explained that way....

Thanks Beth....I will do. He had a pinched nerve in his back awhile ago and so I am watching for things but will do what you suggested! It was dark so I have no way of telling exzctly how he went down those darn steps...never ever gave them a thought before this happened...

Poor little fellow! Keep s posted. I bet he's just afraid of those mean ol' stairs now.

Aww poor Wynn. Hopefully he will just be sore for a few days and then be all better!

How is Wynn this morning?

He's doing ok Beth. Up and walking but a little slower. I went down his back and he doesn't flinch so I hope he is just a bit sore from his gigantic fall...I know I would be.

The vet told me a dog in pain will not pant.  When Chloe recently hurt her back the vet palpitated her back and sure enough when on a certain point she stopped panting.  I do hope Wynn gains his confidence back.

Oh no!! Hope he is OK....that had to have scared him...give him a kiss from Jackson and Seanna--hopefully love will make him all better!

How's Wynn doing this morning? I hope he's doing ok.


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