I was recently contacted by the owner of the Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue (http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/WY53.html) telling me she's got 2 more corgis than what are on Petfinder, which shows that she's got 2, Panda and Jake, both adorable.


I was originally interested in adopting Bram, one of her corgis, but was told he was being adopted out to someone else. (Then I adopted Leo, and we're a one-dog household for now). However, I was then emailed just a day later and told that Bram's new owner returned him in less than 24 hours because he was "scared of her" and the owner was "unwilling to put work in" to help his shyness. Bram was rescued from a puppy mill, so it's no wonder he's going to need extra work and attention to come out of his shell! I was just so saddened to see that someone could give up on such a truly beautiful corgi (his listing isn't on Petfinder any more for some reason but he is a gorgeous dog) who clearly needed some love and gentle care, in less than 24 hours, and decide to "return him". ):


The owner also told me she has a new corgi named "Oakley" who's three years old, but that's all the details I have on him. No listing on Petfinder for him either.


Please contact the Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue about these corgis! They need homes and a little TLC! I live in Denver and I mapquested the drive at 2 hours and 45 minutes - not so bad at all if you're in the metro area! This organization is just now in the process of adding corgis to their rescue but they seem like lovely people who need a good start!

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Thanks for the info Heather!!! I live up in Winter Park so it's only another hour for me to get there...

My current living situation does not allow more than one pet, but when that changes I will keep this in mind!

Also if anyone I know is looking I will point them in that direction.

To give up before one day?? weak. Poor li'l nubbin didn't even get a chance to introduce himself...

Hi Heather, the most effective way to strike an emotional chord is posting good picture, basic info and contact details. Have WDCR list their postings here, I'm sure our members will be glad to share them on FB, Twitter and emails. Good luck!
Good idea, I emailed the owner and linked her to this thread, hopefully she can post some pictures!

oh thanks Sam, strike on our emotional soft-spots... you don't play fair!!

I clicked on the link & looked at all the cuties & wished I had room for all of them...


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