Does anyone use a yard cleaning service for their dogs? I just finally broke down and hired one to come clean the dog poo from my yard weekly. When I first heard of them (on a local news station) I thought it was crazy people would pay for that, but I just haven't been staying on top of it lately, and it needs to get done... so now I'm one of those people! I was just curious if anyone else is treating themselves to having a nice, dog poo free yard without any of the work. I'm getting this service for $10/wk, which is pretty reasonable, I thought, for 3 dogs.

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I would do it if I had a lot of dogs.
I do not, but have thought of hiring someone to do spring yard cleaning after all the lovely snow melts. :P
It's quite popular in Florida actually, lots of retired folks in my neighbourhood use the pet butler, having a big yard in hot humid weather is a killer combo.

My townhome association in Toronto use Pet Gateway , since every 3rd home in the complex has a dog, the association hired the company to remove frozen poop, provide pickup bags. designated waste bin and removal.
What a great invention! And a reasonable price, too. Out of curiosity, Do they take the poo with them when they go? Or just relocate it according to your specifications?
That is a good question, I'm not sure yet!
I don't and luckily my dogs have learned to go far away from the house BUT if I lived in town...I would need to have this service!
I have a fanny-pack kit for the neighborhood: plastic bags, poop bags go into the fanny pack (it gets used for nothing else); treats in the small pocket, headlamp for the dark (handy!); litter bag for human garbage.
Our yard is small, we pick up when we see them poop in the yard.
Point of etiquette: don't put your poop bags in other neighbors' garbage as you walk by; it stinks and many people quite resent this.
If your neighbors see you habitually picking up beer cans etc., that makes points.
If they notice you picking up other dogs' poop, that really makes points (and if you don't clean up after others, your dog could get blamed).
Some people resent dogs peeing on their lawn, can damage grass. Learn who those people are.
Some placed are not OK for peeing.
Ours is a dense neighborhood, so it pays to consider that we're using the place for a toilet and gotta give something in return.

What to do with all that dog exhaust? I've tried a doggy-dooley (semisubmerged composting bucket, add septic tank enzymes), but even in subtropical Seattle it's too cold to digest fast enough. My friend runs two of these things with a sealed aquarium heater in them. Haven't tried it; seems energy-intensive. A foam-insulated heated doggie dooley? Entrepreneurs, take note.

NOTE: on a raw-meat diet, our poops are very firm, tidy, almost odorless, easy to pick up. We feed a very small bit of kibble to soften the poops just a bit.

It's come to this: I have become a connoisseur of dog shit. :-)
Years back, if someone had suggested I'd one day be walking around with a little dog and a little bag of dog exhaust, I'd have asked him if he had any more of that good stuff he'd been smoking...
John, you are so funny!! I've actually thought about buying the doggy-dooley before, so now I'm kind of glad I didn't!
I was actually thinking of starting a pet poop picker upper service in my area. $10/week for 3 dogs is an awesome price. We have 5-7 dogs at my house at any given time. Mom-2, renters-2, me-1, and my aunt brings her 2 dogs over like 3 days a week most weeks because she works 10 hour days with an hour commute each way. So, we have quite a bit of dog doo doo in our yard. We all take turns cleaning it up. If I did start the business, I would take the poop and put it in a dumpster that is not close to homes/businesses.
That seems reasonable. But no one pays me for cleaning up after three dogs! I would mention it to my hubby but I think he would be quick to point out that I am the one who wanted three dogs! LOL
I've seen the poop-picker-upper truck and always wondered what the fees were for that service. $10/wk is not bad. I'd definitely do it if I had multiple dogs at the house all the time.


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