I think Quin may have a yeast infection in or around her mouth.  She is a heavy drooler in the first place, so that may have contributed to it.  This morning she came over to me and stuck her nose in my neck area and I could smell what smells like yeast infection in the ears.  I checked her ears they smelled fine and look very clean then I smelled her mouth that was where it was.  Has anyone had this or heard of it I looked online and there was some about it but it said her tongue would be white if it was in her mouth.  Maybe it is just around her mouth.  I wiped it with apple cider vinegar, if it isn't better by Monday I will call the vet.  But any advice would be appreciated, Thanks    

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Check her teeth, make sure there isn't a broken tooth or abscess in her mouth or cheeks or tongue.


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