I know this has probably been asked a zillion times ( that may be an exaggeration ) but how long do I feed LaVerne puppy food. She is 6 months old and about 20 lbs. She isnt crazy about her dog food anymore ( Solid Gold puppy food ) and I was kicking around the idea of switching and wondered if I should find a new puppy food or go for the adult food now. Any suggestions on a good quality food? I liked the solid gold because of its ingredients and more importantly what ISNT in it! LaVerne loved it at first but she seems to have gotten bored with it.
Also I was wondering if now that she is 6 months old will she stop growing so fast? Are Corgis close to their adult size at 6 months?
Thank you in advance for your advice and help

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I was told by my vet to feed Maggie puppy food up until the age of 1 year and then switch her to regular food. I have her on Wellness Just for Puppy and she absolutely loves it. Maggie is 7 months now and must be small because she is only 14lbs. I am kind of worried about it but her mother was very tiny. I laugh and say I have a mini corgi lol. My vet also told me that dogs tend to get to their adult size by 7 to 9 months of age. Hope that helps a little. I think I would just find maybe a canned food to add to her food now or change puppy food, but you want to do it gradually because changing food can really upset their stomach. You might go ahead and start giving her 1/3 of the amount of adult food and 2/3 of the amount of puppy food to start changing her over. I am going to start changing Maggie over at 10 months to give her a 2 month period to get completely changed over. My problem is I don't know if I want to go grain free or not.
My corgi is that small too! She is a little over 5 months and 11.5 pounds. She was one of the smallest of all the puppies though. I like my mini corgi too!
Puppy foods are more of a marketing promotion-start switching to a good adult food-Fromm's, Merick, Wellness, Orijen and many others are good-look for identified meat (chicken, turkey, beef) as the first ingredients-Avoid grains-dogs are not grain eaters-raw is best-feed a variety of foods-my dogs get something different for dinner as they do for breakfast-diarrea happens when they're gut gets used to the same food over and over-if you ate the same thing you would get diarrea too if you changed to something different-LeVern is almost done growing
We use Natural Balance. The dogs love it and all do very well on it, especially my "allergy dogs." Natural Balance is one that is for all dogs puppy through adult. No need to change anything. I like that alot. It may be a gimmick but it sure makes life easy.

Dogs may get bored with food, but it's essential to not switch them over and over. Their systems aren't made for that. They get very sensitive and it can mess up their digestive system. And if we "doctor" the food alot, they learn that if they avoid the food we'll put extra stuff on it. It's a game and they usually win at it. So...unless you're on food that is designed for all dogs regardless of age, one year is the marker for adult food. (With larger dogs, they usually change them over earlier.) Oh and the Natural Balance is grain free and it's made all the difference in the dogs' allergies.

Best of luck to you.
I keep my pups on puppy kibble til about 10months of age at which point I mix the ration 1/2 puppy and 1/2 adult to get them use to it. At 6 months of age she still has alot of growing to do. I see major changes in mine at about 10 months..foreheads broaden and they start getting the adult appearance. As far as height...maybe just alittle more but each dog is different.


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