* you carry a furminator in the car...


* you have any item of clothing that has on it the words "bunny butt"...


* pet hair is considered a condiment at your house...


* you put your friends in the following categories: red and white, sable, tricolored....




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It is so true. People around my apartment know who we are because of Carson. So funny how that works.

I feel more like the celebrity's personal assistant.
I will roll down my window while driving to yell at someone walking a Corgi.
My Mum once stopped the car and chased a man down the street yelling "Stop!"... because he was walking his Corgi and Mum wanted to chat. She forgot to mention she had a Corgi, hence the excitement, until the man spotted Po in the car. I still mock her.

Me and my boyfriend too! We don't see them often (most people around here don't know what a corgi is! They always ask if Charlie is a mix of some kind!), so when we do I squeal "CORGIIIIIIIIIIII!!!" haha

you think of green beans and canned pumpkin as "dog food."

you consider plucking tufts of hair off your dog to be a perfectly normal hobby.

you are used to watching something try to herd your coffee table.

you have tumble weeds made of fur inside your house two days after you vacuumed

when you watch Star Wars, you think Chewbacca sounds an awful lot like an excited Corgi
...having something touching your heels as you walk along doesn't alarm you at all...
I dont feel right unless Walker is on my heel! :)
My corgi loves his green beans!
Oh my goodness the tumble weeds of fur..... yep.... can never vaccuum enough
HAHAHAHA! We call Woz's crooning his "Wookie"! So funny!

  "...when you watch Star Wars, you think Chewbacca sounds an awful lot like an excited Corgi"


oh! my pup does this too!! i love it! 


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