A friend of mine is getting a new puppy after losing her 2 year old Corgi :(  She is trying to find a name, so I thought it would be fun if everyone would post their doggies name.   I will start my Corgi is "Sophie"  the 3 dogs I have had in the past (bless their soles) were Keena , Shelby and Sydney.


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The corgies I have owned are Alex & Phoebe

My little corgi is named Angie:)

My recent baby's name is Ellie.  I've also had dogs named Lulu, Lady, and Toby.

My corgi's name is Carson. :) After Carson Palmer, the Raider quarterback (yes my boyfriend suggested it) buuut I really liked the name and he looks like a Carson! The other name we were considering was Hendrix after Jimi Hendrix.
Corgis are Boo & Gracie. Boo's name is because I had 2 dogs already & added him as a 3rd. Thought I made a big BooBoo because he & Toby didn't get along. Gracie's named after the 1950's commedian, Gracie Allen.

Pom mix is Shasta My nephew named her

Dogs who have passed:
Toby - west Highland Terrier.
Sammie - miniature schnauzer
Bear - poodle/American Eskimo
Shinka - Minature Poodle
Nysha - Minature Schnauzer

Our first dog was a Jack Russell and his name was Maximus.  We called him Max most of the time.

Our Corgi now is Enzo. Enzo was my top choice after Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari.  Luke was my husband's top choice.  In the end, we left it to a facebook vote of the two choices among our friends.  And of course Enzo won! 

He is definitely an Enzo!  We then got a million comments about "The Art of Racing in the Rain." being a great book.  The book wasn't the reason for his name but we had to read it.

We've got Aber (pronounced Ah-brrrr), Ragnar, and Kelso for corgis.  A lab x beagle named Daisy.  I used to have a Beau, a Dominique, and a Brodie. 

And to throw out some other pets, cats have been named Tess, Demelza, Frodo, Sam, Henry, Eleanor (Ellie), Pippin, Jezebel, Guenevere, Freja, Kirby, Blake, Chaucer, Molly and Milton.

My puppy is named Renfield after Dracula's bug-eating, obedient minion. The cat's name is Scully after The X-Files (she's a skeptical redhead) and the turtle's name is Newman after the Seinfeld character. 

My corgis name is "Romeo" and the corgi I had before him was "Ricco".

My little girl's name is Ella.  Her full name, however, is Starkeeper's Swoosh Ella Mae!  Her mom's name was Nike so I thought it would be fitting to give her the "swoosh" in her name. 


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