Driving around today running errands when I see a dog on the side of the road sitting there watching traffic going by not even close to the road. Looks like he is eating and the closer I get to the dog I see him eating a dead ( i think) squirrel. I really could not stop to investigate but I waas thinking thats not good is it. Is the worst that could happen is for him  to get sick or could it be fatal??

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Squirrel meat tastes like chicken!  That's some good eating!  I doubt it will hurt the dog, especially if it was road kill.  Maybe worms of some type.  If it died of a disease however, then I might be a little worried- I don't know what diseases squirrels usually die from.  I kind of figure dogs have been around for millions of years, and at sometime mother nature had to plan for them to eat dead things.  I'd be grossed out, but not too worried. 

I agree with Jennifer...I think they might be better to eat than rabbits as I know they have tapeworms! Mine have had both to eat and they are still alive.

Tastes like chicken???? Can you serve it over rice/????

Sure can!  They ate squirrel a lot when I lived in the south.  I never ate it though.  I like animals too much.  

Aren't squirrels a high risk for rabies?

Actually, no.  Very rarely do they get rabies.  I raised one when I was a teenager, and tried to save one a couple of years ago that died from distemper.  Surprising though, 'cause I thought the same thing!

Jennifer--how was it as a pet, were you able to let it out of the cage and let it run in the house and was it a messy one?

Just in case you're thinking of having one as a pet...it's illegal in many areas...

I wont tell if you dont

I had one as a pet when I was young.  We rescued her as a baby.  She had fallen out of the nest, was too small to care for herself, and was blind in one eye.  We fed her with an eye dropper and she would hold on to it just like a baby holds a bottle.  Yes, she could be out of the cage and have the run of the house; although she left little poo presents to clean up and Mom didn't really like it when she climbed the curtains.  She was a blast to play with--we played tag in the basement.  Literally, I would chase her first then she would chase me.  She loved mom's fold out clothes dryer that had all the rungs on it--it was like a jungle gym for her.  She buried nuts in the furniture and loved drinking Pepsi.  I really enjoyed learning all the things they use their tails for.  Of course, the obvious one is they use if for balance, but also as a towel after they wash their face and as a blanket when sleeping.  Her name was Jenny.

His name was "Nutkins".  He had fallen out of his nest at my aunt's house, and we took him home.  I fed him milk with kapo syrup and something else the vet recommended for quite a while.  He ate with a little eye dropper, until he got bigger and ate real food.  I kept him in a cardboard box until he got big enough, then he went in a regular dog cage.  I taught him how to climb trees, and he'd run up and down all over my body, ride on my shoulder....that sort of stuff.  He was very tame.  He stayed outside at all times, but when he got big enough we released him, and he stayed right in that area until he died.  You could call him and he'd run right up your leg, and grab the food out of your hand.  Scared my dad to death the first time he did it to him.  Only time he messed on me was when we were sitting in the driveway and a car drove by and scared him.  He flattened himself up against my chest and let his bowels loose....

That really is a good story...did yyou know if it was a boy or girl?????


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