I forgot how active and devious puppies can be! :) Gracie can be the biggest brat sometimes. She sees how much she can aggravate her Momma! Last night, every time I turned around, she had something in her mouth and was walking around proudly with it. I think she just wanted to get some attention. She is still nipping at us. It is like her mind is always thinking of ways to get into trouble. Please tell me will get better! I guess how soon we forget what puppies are like. She can always get snippy when you try and take something out of her mouth. She soon forgets the word "drop it". :) Each week, she gets a little bit better but occasionally reverts to her bratty ways. She just like to push our buttons sometimes! :)

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You have to be firm with corgis or they can get to be aggressive. When she does something good give her a treat immedicately and say good girl. When she does something bad do not get mad but make your voice sound not high and cheerful but No bad girl and do not give her any attention turn away walk out of the room Then come back and give her something she is allowed to play with and when she does good girl & a treat. When she nips yell like your in pain real loud, also you can drop keys or a can with coins in it down on the ground when she does it and say no! Soon she will associate the can or load noise with the bad behavior and stop it. You also need to take her outside and run her around like crazy and wear her out this helps alot they need excercise. I confined my corgi to a smaller area and took all the things I didnt want her to chew on out and had lots of chew toys. You can also put hot sauce on items that she shouldnt have and the taste will make her think twice before chewing it again. Corgis are extremely bossy my female harassing my rotweiller and I have to say enough! Do not let her get snippy about taking things out of her mouth, or they can be come biters . Reward her when you say "drop it " have a treat to reinforce it. When she has something you dont want her to have then say drop it, and give her the treat imediately and say good girl. If she doesnt try the can drop or take the treat and leave the room do not reward bad behavior leave ! Always have a treat with you so you can get this habit established, now before it gets out of hand. They can be aggressive, and it gets worse if you let it go on , Hope this helps! Melanie
Thanks Melanie. This is what I feared. She is definitely a bossy dog! I tried screaming when she bites and that seems to excite her more. I thump her on the nose with my thumb and that sometimes is more of game too. But, the dropping part bothers me. She will eventually drop it. She gets better but then will do stuff to just get attention. I don't want to have a biter! I will try the can with the coin too. I will try and always keep a treat on hand! :) Thanks for the advice.
Only give her attention ( even negative attention is attention kids use this on parents too!) Ignore or leave the room when she is bad praise & give her treats when she is good she will soon realize that being bad does not get any attention and being good does/ Also I find using a harness to walk a corgi lots easier than a lease and easier on their necks. Tryclapping or a scary noise when she nips. Do you have any other dogs she can play with? I have 2 other dogs they get tired of her herding them but its great when they wont come in. I have ducks which she loves to herd. They like to chase balls it takes a while for them to get it but they do. Lots of safe plastic bones and chew toys on hand always helps. Do not ever let her chew on your hand off limits! And start messing with her feet all the time my corgi hates her nails done I did not do this handling enough when she was small so its a problem now. Corgis love to have jobs like walking to get the paper or mail or helping in the yard. They are working dogs and need worrk!
Yes Henry can be a very Wild Indian. He is a little over 10 weeks now. Sometimes when I call him he acts like he doesn't hear me. He loves to run in and grab a dirty sock from the laundry and try to run off with it. He knows he is not supposed to have it. Most of the time he is a good boy though. I do play a lot with him. We play indoors as well as outside. Sometimes I do have to run him around to wear him out. He loves to talk to me. When it is dinner time he tries to bark to get me to give him some. I always tell him no loudly. Same with biting my hands to trying to nip my heals. You have to say it very firmly and loud. That is what I do. Hopefully it will work for you. =)
Fortunately, I have two active kids who play with our guy a lot. I take him out for a long walk every evening, but there is still that mischievous corgi personality that doesn't seem to understand when you have had enough foolishness. This breed is so smart that I think there is some "selective memory" going on (:
Actually a good deal of the puppy behavior is outgrown. Leo does not nip at me at all anymore and he is less likely to seek out (or take) forbidden items than Randy is. There is hope I think. Leo is about out of his teenage rebel phase and minds me like he is supposed to do. He is not good with "leave it" if it is something he really wants...we are still working on that. I believe most Corgis are playful in nature so there will always be some puppy type actions.


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